This week I have been putting together some slides for our Cosmetic Kitchen events and thought I would share some of the shots with you! These images were taken on a 200x zoom digital microscope to show the skin and hair close up! If you want to see what yours looks like why not book one of our kitchen parties today – more details under our events section.

Quite often people become motivated to make their own cosmetic and personal care products because they have suffered a number of allergic reactions to potions and lotions that have been purchased commercially.  While I am neither a dermatologist or an allergy specialist I can sympathize with the desire to simplify ones skincare routine – surely, the less we put onto our skin the less chance of reaction.  That rational may well stack up and there are many people who have been tested and found to be allergic to one chemical or another, however that is only part of the story. The skin, is only one part of the thing  that is us. It often becomes irritated and sore as a consequence of what is going on inside our bodies – be it the mind, one of our other organs or an invader (virus, bacteria or fungi).

I have always suffered from eczema and in later life acne and have often looked for that miracle product to soothe or cure me without considering “me” as a whole. At Realize Beauty we take the view that your skin and hair are both parts of the whole puzzle that makes you you! Therefore, what we do to our skin and hair and what we think about them relates back to us […]