1 Skin Solution

Facebook, twitter and Linked-in are great places to meet new people but to REALLY meet people requires a nice cup of coffee, some toast and a chance to properly Laugh Out Loud.  So, after Facebook meeting Raylene late last year I thought it was about time we had a ‘proper’ date!

Raylene is a dynamic individual who’s background and experience spans the worlds of modelling, personal training, hospitality and now lip balm manufacturing!   As far as skin care goes Raylenes is self taught after spending the last ten years attending weekend courses, reading trade magazines and communicating with world leading experts via social media – she sure knows her way around cyberspace!

Raylenes’ background in sports science and optimal nutrition  seeing her lean firmly towards the ‘feed-your-face’ mindset that is growing in popularity.  One look at the ‘build your own lip balm’ part of her website confirms this as you are encouraged to fill your virtual shopping cart with mouth-watering skin treats such as cocoa butter, avocado oil and almond biscotti flavour. Yuummmm. There are also different packaging options and options to add sunscreens, antioxidants or personalised branding to the balms which all seems rather exciting really!

But Raylene is not just the Lip Balm queen, she’s also the producer of the most fabulous smelling salt body scrub that I’ve ever had the pleasure of testing.  This Lime and Lavender salt and sugar scrub is divine, it isn’t at all greasy and revives, polishes and soothes tired legs so beautifully that I just couldn’t stop touching mine – probably why I’ve been taking so long to write this 🙂 Oh, and there’s more – Raylene has BIG plans for 1 Skin Solutions and is looking to […]

The Cold Sore Bore

Don’t you just hate the fact that just when the fun starts the lips get tingly for all the wrong reasons!  I’m talking cold sores and I have had enough, thank you very much!

Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus and once you have it in your blood, it likes to stay.  Up to 90% of adults have antibodies to the virus in their bloodstream meaning that at some point in time, they have come under attack. However,  only about 30% of these will  go on to develop symptoms.

Well,  with this being a beauty site and me being a chemist rather than an MD that’s about all I can say on the medical side of the matter but I do want to talk a little about why they come out to play when the sun shines. 

Our bodies thrive given the chance to frolic in a good UV bath but stay too long and we start to get wrinkly!  Just how much is too much varies from individual to individual but one thing is for sure, once your skin starts to protest your immune system will have already decided to tone things down a little to prevent a drama queen reaction.

What am I talking about?

Well,  expose your skin to UV radiation for too long and it starts to go red and burn.  Burning is BAD news and bad news in the body usually means that the immune system will go into overdrive in order to ‘save you’.  However, this can’t afford to happen in the sun as the sun should not be something that we are allergic to and so in most people the immune system switches its self off to prevent it from causing any problems.  As our immune system body-guard […]

The Lipstick Chronicles Part 4: Addicted to You!

Do you get the shivers each time to realize that you have left the house without your gloss? How many times a day to you re-apply. Do you HAVE to have the latest shade, the latest flavour? Well, a surprising number of us admit  to a little lip product obsession. Be it balm, gloss or lipstick we just have to have it. Remove it at your peril!

But what are we addicted to?

Well, balm addicts often state that their lips feel dry and unnatural without it. Colour Queens say that they don’t feel dressed without it while  Gloss Girls love the way it gives them that confident and glamorous edge. So, it is clear that in lippy addiction land there is a fair bit of mind mixed in with a little bit of body. Let’s look a little deeper….

The Body First.

So, our lips get dry and chapped. That is a fact. They may also suffer from the effects of cold sores, can develop skin cancers and can become irritated.  The reason that our lips dry out faster than the rest of our face is due to their biology. Lips consist of no more than five layers of skin (whereas the rest of the face can have up to 16 skin layers).  However, that doesn’t mean that the lips are weak, the skin on the lips is well adapted to cope with constant abrasion – think of how scratchy your morning toast is and how acidic those citrus fruits, it just needs a bit more protection from the elements due to the fact that this skin does not have any hair, sweat glands or sebaceous glands – it can’t self-lubricate. It’s naked!

On an average day when our immune system […]

What mum really wants this mother’s day!

Mothers all across Australia are preparing themselves for the joy that is mother’s day on Sunday. Like many of those mother’s I am packing my little ones off to school with their $5 each for the school mothers day stall and keeping my fingers crossed that they don’t choose some hideous plastic earrings or a tea  cozy (Bless their little hearts).

Anyway, it got me thinking about what mother’s might really want this mothers day….  World peace, an end to poverty and a pollution free environment are all on my wish list but probably best to stick to something closer to home! So, without further ado, here is my wish list for mother’s day 2009!

1) A Good Hair Day.

Hair can make or break your look. It is one of the first places to miss-behave when you are feeling run down and is one of the most time consuming parts of many a beauty regime.  Hair is made from a protein called Keratin that get’s lubricated by  sebaceous glands (Sweat) which sit to each side of the hair follicle. The colour of our hair is determined by cells (melanocytes)  right at the very base of the hair ( in the epithelial cells) – as these age our hair greys! You can blame  your hair type on your mother (and father) as it is passed on through the genes with all hair fitting into one of three ethnic groups- Asian, African or Caucasian. These groups play a large part in how your hair grows and whether it is poker straight, kinky or curly!

While we can’t change our genetics, we can play around with our hair colour, shape and condition.  Once our hair has poked through the skin […]