Eyelashes are BIG business, we want them longer, stronger, neatly curled and beautifully coloured.  If the old cliche of the eyes being the windows to the soul is still valid we want our souls guarded by a generous display of neatly presented lashes, the bigger, the better!

The recent beauty expo in Sydney showcased a number of different methods for achieving “the look”. We spoke to companies who could aid you in faking it through their glue on individual lashes and  companies who could enhance what nature gave you through lash thickening mascara’s. Then there were the companies supplying eyelash dyes,  ridding  you of the need for mascara – at least for a few weeks  BUT the most exciting find of the expo was the company promising to grow you longer lashes!  We spoke to them to find out a bit more…..

Bamboo Lashes caught my attention even before we entered the expo. I had been reading about eyelash growing products for a while and had been following the discussions coming out of the US surrounding Lilash and its rival  RevitaLash which was sued by Allergen for patent infringement along with MD Lash Factor and Age Intervention Eyelash.   None of these  are readily available in Australia due to issues with their ingredients (Aussies have been trying it though if the Vogue and Adore Beauty forums are anything to go by).   These products seem quite expensive at around $175  for a pack lasting around 8 week however when compared to the cost of keeping up fake lashes the price becomes quite reasonable. The added bonus with these products is the benefit of being able to “do it yourself” in the comfort of you own bathroom!

Bamboo lashes […]