The beauty of a long weekend is having time to try out a few recipes and then share them with friends.  Eggs are a much loved symbol of Easter so what better way to kick off your Easter beauty regime than getting egg on your face!

While Googling  “egg chemistry” I came across the International Egg Commission who have some interesting egg facts. Here are a few – check out their web site for more:

* There are approx 4.93 billion egg laying hens in the world.

* The colour of the egg shell is influenced by the breed of the hen.

* Today’s laying hens are capable of producing over 300 eggs per hen per year – OUCH!

Eggs are a great beauty ingredient and can be beneficial both for the face and for the hair due to them being a  rich source in Vitamin’s A and D, Iron, Riboflavin and Protein. The beneficial components of eggs have been extracted and used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals for many years to aid in binding formulations (mixtures) together, assisting in the spreading of the formulation and delivering hydration (moisture) to the skin. We will take a quick look here at the chemistry of eggs before trying out some formulations.

Other than the shell eggs are made up of a yolk and the white. We will look at the egg white first.

Egg white is a mixture of albumin (up to 10%) and water (up to 80%). The other 10% consists of a little sugar and fat! The albumin is a protein, proteins are made up of Amino Acids and Amino Acids are the building blocks of  life! In eggs the proteins take on a globular structure which accounts for its jelly like […]