This weekend Salon Melbourne rolled into town  setting it alight with an array of products and services for the Hairdressing and Spa industries.  I spent quite a bit of my time talking to people about  fragrance trends while finding out what’s new in the world of Spa products.  With such a variety of brands and promises jostling for attention in the natural space I wanted to know exactly what  “Natural” means to people! 


The team at Natural Compatibles explained that they have been using the word “Natural” for over 18 years, long before it became fashionable. However, to this brand ‘natural compatibles’ refers to their range of colour cosmetics that compliment your skin to give it a natural look.  Here’s me with the team after my make-over! 

Celebrity Make-up artist Natasha Severino and Hairdresser Kenneth Stoddart showed that ‘natural’ was all about the look as they wowed the audiences with their sexy ‘ratty’ hair and smokey eyed make-up.  I sure was surprised at how much product it takes to look so natural but just loved the end results.   


On the spa-brand side of things I was captivated by the “Natural Botox” stand and had to stop by for a closer look.  La Purete has decided to adopt the Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists definition of Natural and choose  ingredients that are natural and sustainably sourced, have gone through a minimal amount of processing and are biodegradable where possible. 


As for the perfumes, well these existed ‘naturally’ long before the chemical revolution worked out how to re-create nature.  All Natural Perfumes can be made by blending essential oils with naturally extracted and purified aroma chemicals to create complex and exciting aromas that excite the senses and boost our moods. This artisan approach to perfumery is available to […]