Behind every brand there is a dream, an ambition, a desire and a belief that this is a story worth telling and the story behind Baji skin care is one of family.

Anjelina had tried everything to ease her eldest child’s eczema until one day she stumbled across rose hip oil and had a revelation.  The fact that something so simple and natural could ease her child’s pain where countless pharmaceutical preparations had failed opened her eyes to the world of natural personal care and from then she started experimenting.

These days rose hip based skin treatments are plentiful but fifteen years ago natural skin care was the stuff of health stores and boutiques only. The green revolution and Anjelina’s skin care ambitions were only just beginning…..

Keen to learn more Anjelina enrolled in a University course covering biomedical techniques to build up her science literacy and skills. This plus another five years of research, investment and product development  (not to mention all of the blood, sweat and tears) culminated earlier this year in the birth of the Baji brand.The brand is built on a sense of place and respect for the natural environment. Born and raised in Australia the range is rich in native botanicals that have adapted to the sometimes harsh and always challenging environment over many thousands of years.  These plants carry with them an intelligence and natural ability to protect, nourish and strengthen cells from the inside out thanks to their high vitamin, essential fatty acid and antioxidant content -qualities that are warmly welcomed in anti-aging and protective skin care.

So what did I try?

I was lucky enough to receive a pack of goodies to try out that included two beautifully smelling facial spritzers – the […]