Blue Sky Laboratory

These things used to exist when I first started in the cosmetics industry but alas, the GFC, KFC and GDP means that the great laboratory of future opportunity is but a distant memory.  Today it’s all about the dollar as we strive to make our innovations work IMMEDIATELY!  Oh what a bore….. 

Anyway, I just thought that it was worth saying that I now have my very own blue sky laboratory that is up and working on lots of exciting future innovations.  Some of that work involves a spatula while other’s is more about doing a lot of reading, interviewing and investigationing in order to sort the wheat from the chaff.  All very cool and VERY interesting. 


So, if you have a ‘blue sky’ concept for the cosmetics industry and want to talk to someone whose motto is ‘the sky is the limit’ then give us a call.  Anything is possible, eventually………… 

Examples of current research for those of you who like to roll that way: 

* The rise of the Halal Cosmetics Market. 

* Nanotechnology and the cosmetics industry 

* Sustainability and natural/ organic certification. 

* Natural fragrance development and application. 

PS:   I am going to add a page to the blog and will eventually have a website up for the lab once I get a moment. 

PPS:  Work comes out of the blue sky labs in a number of ways including via workshops and lectures,  presentations posters or booklets, in-house development work and surveys or via a forum.

Halcos – Celebrating Halal Cosmetics

Next week Kuala Lumpur will be buzzing with the whirr of intelligent discussion, scientific investigation and market analysis as the first ever conference for  Halal cosmetics is launched – HALCOS.  I was delighted to receive an invitation to speak at this prestigious event about the scientific challenges that this niche market may face. However my passport status has proved to be a bit of a problem – it didn’t have the required six months validity left and has therefore gone in for replacement, never to be seen again.   Very sad but I have to suck it up and give my presentation virtually!

Anyway, enough of my calamities and onto some serious stuff.  What are Halal Cosmetics?

The current situation with Halal cosmetics is similar to that faced by those seeking to meet ‘natural’, ‘organic’ or ‘fair trade’ certification to a point.  Standards do already exist and these standards are all based on the same underlying law and principles which make it very clear about what is and what isn’t allowed. However, turning this into a  practical global standard that people making complex and sometimes scientifically ground-breaking products can use as a working document is not quite so easy.  

For example, many Muslim and non-Muslim’s would know that Halal Cosmetics should be alcohol (ethanol) free and would therefore check the label to ensure that they do not purchase such a product. But what happens when you can’t read it on the label because it is only there as a trace chemical left over from a laboratory process?  Does this count?  Is Halal black and white or does it have shades of grey? It is not possible for me to answer that question but it is possible for me to present examples of where this […]

The Tweezer Queen – By Angelique

The World Wide Web has a wonderful way of spinning and reeling its way through our lives, trawling through our thoughts, preferences and ideas. For me, the most pleasant consequence of this weaving is the way it brings like-minded people together. Angelique Snelleksz is one of the people that I have been lucky enough to meet through my online networking and someone that I would like you to meet too!