Join the Rat Race?

There is something strangely compelling about the rat race. We may feel the need to get away, enjoy the silence and dance to our own drum but something always makes us take another peep and get right back with it, well maybe not RIGHT back with it…….

Humans are pack animals and as such it is natural for us to want to feel like we belong.  This also makes us seek out people who think the same as we do, hold similar values and aspire to the same goals.  The down side to this natural tendency though is to be a bit scared of anything that looks a bit odd or different, a fear of being ridiculed and worries about being left like a shag on a rock. Alone. 

Freedom  and confidence come from understanding and embracing this, accepting our sometimes conflicting instincts for wanting to be part of something bigger yet needing personal space. It is confusing but it is normal and you will find your ZONE.

So, don’t feel scared about being different,  don’t feel weak for wanting to fit in and don’t feel lost in the crowd. There is ALWAYS room for one more so bring your spark of genius and sense of self and prepare to PARTY. Lego style….

Beauty is understanding happiness together and happiness alone and not being afraid to live your choice.

Find your crew and live large.

Book Review: This Is Not The Story You Think It Is

From time to time I review books relating to beauty, self-esteem, body image and the like. Well today I thought I would point you in the direction of this little gem.  It is a book that I found a little hard to read at times, a little confronting, a little unexpected and written from a point of view that I didn’t always relate to.  In fact, it was the kind of book that I only really ‘got’ at the end and that is why I quite like it.

The book is a very personal diary-cum-story of how one woman deals with the fact that her husband comes home and announces that he is not sure that he loves her any more.  If that was me it would be a very short story. I’d probably follow him down to the man-shed screaming all sorts of colourful words while making mental notes to change the locks,  deconstruct the bank accounts and start listing who owns what CD (yes we have quite a collection which now sounds SOOOOO 90’s).   I would be anything BUT calm, blue ocean for a few hours before collapsing in a heap and checking into some health spa for some ZENNING OUT – he never said ANYTHING about not loving the kids, dogs, guinea pigs and mortgage LOL!

Anyway, thankfully I am not having to write THAT story and so we move on.

Laura Munson did something quite amazing on that day a year or so ago. She decided to choose happiness over suffering, to choose to in-source rather than outsource that often neglected commodity. She decided to own her own future and that is a beautiful thing. I won’t spoil it all by telling you all […]

Beauty for Sale

This morning I awoke to a lively and somewhat ridiculous discussion about website beautifulpeople.com’s new  ‘beautiful baby’ factory. OK, so it is not really a factory, more of a distribution warehouse where good-looking ladies and gents can find aesthetically blessed eggs and sperm.  What a great idea! You no longer have to worry about the potential of getting an ugly baby – you know the type, one that only a mother could love….. nice.

The representatives from the haven of loveliness that is ‘beautiful people’ say that most couples looking for donor sperm or eggs do want an attractive donor. They say that in our society being attractive gives you an edge. They also pose the rhetorical question of ‘why wouldn’t you want the best for your child?”  As if that was all that mattered.

Anyway, personally I find this all a bit ridiculous for a number of reasons. Let’s have a think….

 Physical beauty is so subjective that what ‘those guys’ deem beautiful may look anything but to another’s eyes.
Physical beauty is nothing without that special spark, that  magic and light (otherwise known as personality).
One needs an egg and sperm to make a baby (still…. how boring)  which combine to produce thousands of potential variants so while choosing a mate with a nice nose may help your chances of ‘making’ one, it isn’t a guarantee. Who do you sue if you don’t get what you ordered?
I don’t know anyone that has ever thought that their baby is ugly – even when I described my first child as a cross between a squirrel and a shrunken headed man (she’s a girl) I still loved her and thought she was the most beautiful thing in the world.
Aesthetically pleasing looks  may […]

This Christmas, Give Hope

Confession: As far as Church goes I am a strictly Christmas, weddings, baptisms and funerals kind of girl, that’s just how it is. The reason for me going tonight was to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas and to pass on the traditions of my childhood to my children. 
“Hope = Life”
All so often at Christmas we become fixated on getting the right gift for everyone, buying every variety of cheese, wine and fruit known to man and frantically trying to fit in our hair cut, manicure and fake tan before the big man arrives. But is that enough?

Whatever your religious belief, your ‘life’ circumstances or your personal happiness score Christmas is a great time to put all that aside and think of others.  With another year neatly ticked off and (hopefully) a few days taken at a slower pace, there may finally be time for us to ask ourself  “What can I do to help someone?” 

As I said in the opening, I don’t go to Church regularly but tonight I was struck by the “take-home” message – Give Hope this Christmas.   I invite you to consider this over the coming days as we all have special gifts, talents and energies that when shared can enrich the lives of many. So, whether you choose to donate to charity, volunteer for a few hours, make something or just lend a  friend an ear or shoulder to lean on, enjoy the experience of giving hope, because to give hope is to give life.