Back in March Nivea launched Hydra IQ, a ‘revolutionary’ new moisturiser with the ability to hydrate the skin from the inside as well as the outside. It does this by activating the skin’s own irrigation system – our aquapourins.  Sounds great but what, when, how and where?

I talked to Realize Beauty team member Penelope Kourkoumelis to find out more (she got to try the product for the team and is an expert in skin hydration).

“The real basics of the “HYDRA IQ” technology is the use of Glycerin, Glyceryl Glucoside and a salt in the formula base” summarises Penny.

“Glycerin is there as a humectant / moisturiser especially seeing it can pass through the aquaglyceroporins. This means it can be transported to the deeper layers of the epidermis along with water providing moisture the the basal layers of the epidermis.

Glyceryl glucoside is claimed to increase the synthesis of Aquaporins 3 (AQP3); that increases the number of channels water & glycerin can pass through to hydrate the cells.

Salts increase the osmotic gradient which helps draw water and moisturising constituents such as glycerin or urea into the cells”

Sounds great but how does it feel?

“It is a great light weight formula that is absorbed very quickly into the skin with no greasy after feel. I’ve used it on my legs which are usually very dry, resemble scaly lizard skin and are flaky especially this time of year when the air is drier. I’ve been trying the Nivea body lotion for a week and a half and my skin looks great, even on days when I forget to apply it.

I usually don’t like applying body lotions especially if I’m up early rushing to get ready for work because they take time […]