Proactiv wasn’t around when I was a teenager, had it been I may well have tried it as I spent almost ten years with a face full of ‘issues’ and by the time I had reached 17 I had bought, tried and given up on almost everything.   I was put on antibiotics at age 14 and with that not working was on the pill shortly after with limited success.  By the age of 17  my body had a meltdown and I ended up with liver failure due to a reaction to my mediation and with my face looking nothing like the spot-free celebrities in my Just 17 I felt like a failure.   So is this range offering anything new?

I think it is important to state first off that there are spots and there is acne. Acne is a medical condition which involves the presence of white heads, blackheads and pustules (spots).   These spots are sometimes given other names by dermatologists and doctors but anyone with them will know what we’re on about!   Often Acne sufferers also have a general reddening and irritation to un-blemished skin which can be even more distressing to sufferers as it is difficult to cover up, can be itchy, scaly or feel tight and as such causes much discomfort.  On the other hand you have spots which are by no means the poor relation when it comes to denting your self-esteem but are generally more discreet and less persistent than acne and are therefore easier to treat.   While Proactiv may be useful for acne sufferers it has been designed to help manage pimples and spots so don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t work for you.

The Science.

The Proactiv range that I received for testing […]