I hear you cry “are we there yet?”  from the deepest recess of your mind.  Where? I answer knowing full well that where you want to be is anywhere but here and understanding that you are afraid, very afraid that if you look in the mirror you will see that your wishes didn’t come true.

What am I talking about?  


What are YOU afraid of.

Tonight I watched ‘The Hole’ with my sister, her family and my kids and must say that it rather freaked me out until nearly half way through when it all started to become clear (I hadn’t seen the trailer or read the reviews).  The film (which is a parental guidance cert 12) was about a pair of brothers and their neighbour who discover a massive bottomless hole in the home that the boys have just moved into.   If that wasn’t scary enough the hole starts to throw out some very disturbing sights and sounds as the story progresses, dragging the viewer in and practically glueing you to the screen.  I have to admit, I was scared for a while there.

You see what this film is about is having to confront our greatest fears head on. These hidden terrors haunt the main characters until one-by-one they are tackled and conquered. The film has the happy ending one would expect for a kids film and has a core message that is simple and comforting but the imagery and the tension is, I would say, beyond the 13 certification at times. 

So what has this got to do with you, me and everybody?

Either nothing or everything you see it is around this time of year, a good couple of weeks since it became acceptable to start […]