One of the best parts of what I do is coming home to find a little package of love on the doorstep.  Today’s package was brought to me by Subtle Energies Ayurveda Aromatherapy and I have to say it looks delicious!

Ayurveda Aromatherapy is an Indian practice that looks to balance the three Doshas in relation to skin care. The doshas are Vata – Air, Pitta – fire and water, and Kapha water and earth.  Apparently too much Vata makes your skin dry and aged (that’s me then),  OD on Pitta and you will look a little hot, sweaty and flustered and Pile on the Kapha and you will be clammy, cold, slow and heavy (or possibly dead……)

So how do you get your Doshas in balance?  I am guessing that’s where the skin care comes in!

Now having only just received this I haven’t tried the sample packs yet but I can tell you a little about what’s inside some of the packs as they sound quite inviting:

The Wild Kashmir Moisturising Emulsion uses the old Indian favourite Tumeric blended with a Kashmir lavender as its actives. Tumeric is an Indian cure-all that is often used to treat cuts, grazes and bruises. In addition it is an antibacterial, antiinflamatory and anti-hair (Is that a term???? I doubt it) if the hype is to be believed. Sounds like I need some!

Next we have the wildly exciting Mogra and Indian Rose Gold Cream for dry and mature skin which contains 24 K gold, wowsers!  In Ayuvedic medicine gold is used to treat problems of the circulatory system – a feature that could bring about benefits when applied to the skin. In addition it is antibacterial and has an energy boosting effect on cellular function as it helps to transport oxygen to the skin cells (I […]