Microdermabrasion part 2: Beautify Me

The other week I reported on my inaugural microderm treatment and trumpeted it as a perfect little pick-me-up for the busy working person. However,  as a scientist I always get a bit twitchy when judging something on a ‘one off’ experience so I managed to twist the arm of another medi-spa virgin in order to gain a little more perspective on the situation.

It is easy to forget what a daunting task it is to cross the threshold of one of these establishments for the first time.  The windows are often tinted for privacy making it hard to sus-out what lies behind, the staff are often flawless, busy and can sometimes make you feel so ‘unwashed’ by their sparkliness. Oh, and then there’s the cost. We save up our hard-earned pennies, take a deep breath and walk in only to find that our treatment comes with ‘hidden extras’ in the shape of day creams, night creams, pre-treatment creams, post-treatment creams and ice-creams (?)  Of course  the reality is often a lot softer and kinder but us newbies don’t see it like that. We feel like that new girl that just came out the toilets with her dress caught up in her knickers…..

So, if you keep walking past the medi spa but dare not yet reach for that door knob take a leaf out of Kristins book. Just do it (and then tell us all how it went).

Solving the Mystery of Microdermabrasion
By: Kristin Rohan.
My little secret is out – I just turned 40 – and though I’m not upset about this milestone, it did inspire me to think about how well I was
taking care of myself — specifically my skin. I have shunned facials and spa treatments and expensive creams my whole […]

Intensive Scrubbing – Microdermabrasion

It was some trepidation that I signed up for a micro-blast series of treatment. It’s not that I don’t have ‘problem’ skin because I do, it was more to do with my fear  no, concerns over the impact that excessive exfoliation could have on my already  picked and prodded skin. I didn’t want to put it under any more stress.

So was I right to be fearful? Let’s see.

Microdermabrasion removed the top layers of the skin thanks to a little revolving and exfoliation head made of diamond.  A little round pad (rather like a corn plaster) gets stuck on at the business end which is then attached to a suction tube. This turns the thing into a powerful little skin vacuum cleaner!

The machine is designed to gently take away the dead and dull cells that are taking their time to buzz off, revealing a softer and more vibrant layer of skin underneath.  This makes it a great lunch-break treatment  as you don’t end up looking raw and savaged and down-time is practically zero!  But not everyone can micro-blast.

If you have pustular acne, cold sores or rosacea this is not for you. It can also aggravate skin that suffers from frequent flushing and should not be used if you have sun-burn.  The fact that  your top layer of skin is being removed means you should choose your practitioner with care. This isn’t JUST another facial….

I chose to go to the Heber Davis Skin Clinic in Sydney’s Broadway because I have worked with the Ultraceuticals brand (in another working life) and know  a bit about the clinics founders.  Being a novice with a less-than-perfect skin history I wanted the only people touching my skin to be medically trained*  Not all medi-spa’s are staffed by medical professionals. Anyone can buy a cosmetic grade lazer and […]

Take it Off!

Summer in Australia means only one thing, taking it all off. Whether it be your hair, clothes or skin, as the temperature soars the desire to break free from our winter coat grows. But when it comes to the skin, just how much scrubbing is enough? Can exfoliating be harmful and is it addictive? Let’s see…..

Our skin renews its self every 24-32 days or so. As this is a gradual process we don’t often notice until it comes to emptying the vaccume cleaner bag -most of that grey stuff is you. Nice!
When summer arrives we notice everything. The skin on our legs seems a bit dryer and more scaly than

usual, our arms are bumpy and our faces are not all glowing and smooth like the adverts tell us they should be. So why would that be? Well, during the winter we tend to cover up more and so don’t pay so much attention to our extremities.While we probably indulge in a few more hot baths in winter than summer we shave less meaning that the legs do reach their own happy balance, give or take. Come summer and we go into overdrive with the exfoliating, shaving, moisturizing and fake tan routine. We also expose the skin to the sun, even more bathing (this time in the pool and the sea) and the drying effects of air conditioning coupled with alternate humidity and scorching dry winds. This serves as a rude wake up call for your poor old skin.

To scrub or not to scrub?
Scrubbing away scaly, dry skin feels good and if you are a fake tan user it can be the step that makes all
of the difference to the final look. […]

Skin! Why should we care?

Body care how far does one go?

There is cleansing and moisturising and that’s about it, isn’t it?

Well to some that’s all there is time for or can be bothered with and even the moisturising may not get a look in.  I sometimes fall in this category.  Although there is so much more to looking after you body than what you put into it & cleaning it daily.

Your body surface is home to one of our largest organs and it is call Skin.  Your skin helps with a load of things not to mention keeping all our bits in tacked. So why is it important for us to give our skin a helping hand to keep working to its full potential.

Our skin breathes, removes impurities, helps regulate our body temperature and is good at helping us to look and feel great.  Can you imagine if we all went around without this amazing organ…..Gross!!   We would all look like those muscle posters in health clinics with the skin removed.  How odd!!   And trying to keep all the other organs and stuff in….how funny would that look.  Our skin defines us and really does make us all appear different; it is amazing what our skin can really do.  We put our skin under a lot of pressure. Females wanting to look their best, men putting their skin through work or lifestyle challenges and children growing, it’s not an easy thing for their skin to go through either.  We pluck, wax, tan, sun bake, bake in the solarium, let it go dry, we hit, scratch, burnp  it, bruise and cut it.  We also colour, stain, tattoo, paint it and even shave, pierce, stretch it and take bits from […]