So, I was driving home from work the other day listening to ABC radio 702 and daydreaming about the meat that I had forgotten to get out of the freezer for tea (it wasn’t a good daydream) when something happened.  I nearly put MYSELF through the windscreen when the conversation turned to the growing  “designer vagina”  craze. WHAT?  WHAT  is one of them and show me a woman who has the time to care…..

Anyway, I listened on. So each year over 1000 women (see, they do exist) undergo surgery on their lady bits in the name of beauty. The reasons cited for the surgery vary from want to look “neater”  down their, to  improve “the look” of skimpy underwear, to look good in holiday snaps and to give them more confidence.  So what happens next?

Well, the operation is called a labioplasty which means that the “designer vagina” should be re-named the “designer vulva” only that doesn’t rhyme and sounds too much like a very sensible car to get any air play.   Basically it involves a surgeon sculpting and re-shaping your private parts to your specifications while you lay back (anesthetized) and dream of the perfect future that you are creating. Ouch.

While not  all operations are cosmetically motivated there exists a growing band of women who want perfection “down under”. What I want to know now is what does perfection look like? What are we doing with our lives to warrant giving our reproductive organs so much thought? Have we not got school homework to supervise,  boardroom meetings to run, friends to catch up with and charities to donate our excess money to?  Come on….

But it doesn’t stop there. Once we have surgically tweaked our vagina we then feel the need to keep the surrounding […]