We live on a planet of abundance, granted that we don’t always find ourselves with an abundance of the things we want – a bigger house, more time, better health or zero calorie chocolate but hey, life is good and generally speaking as long as we play fair and share we can all enjoy the fruits of our combined labor.   But while we are enjoying a beautiful life of care-free abundance so are billions of microbes and just guess where many of them call home…….in our mineral rich soil which goes on to become the feed-stock for our colour cosmetics, face packs and cleansing products.  When it comes to the earth it seems that the words natural and pure DO NOT go together……..

The truth about cosmetics – toxic bugs in, toxic bugs out.

OK, Ok so I took my inspiration from “THAT” video but hey, it works!   The collective move towards ‘natural'(in its broadest sense) cosmetics is something that I don’t see as a trend – that is too trivial. It is a (natural) progression really, a coming of age and a natural next-step along the journey of our human-cosmetic interaction.

In a nutshell we started off with natural and un-refined.  We would decorate ourselves with whatever we could find be it ash from the fire, chalk from the rocks, blood from the animals we ate or dirt from the ground that surrounded us.  This worked well up to a point – some of these bare naked chemicals are not safe to rub on because of their chemistry and others harbor dirty bugs (more about that later)  but this approach does make trade of these tools of beautification difficult – you really have to BE THERE!

A bit later […]