Ok, so you read the books, saw the movie and now want to take your “twi-hard” obsession to the next level. Well, thanks to Summit Entertainment teaming up with professional make up brand Du Wop YOU CAN!  Now I haven’t been bitten by the bug  yet (we are still working our way through Harry Potter)  so what I wanted to know is this, what does it take to look vampish?

Twilight Venom Lip in Bloodstained Crimson.

This lip stain needs to be shaken before use to activate the vampire essense (or to facilitate dispersion).  Apparently it has a bit of a bite to it which causes the lips to swell slightly giving them that “just bitten” look.  I can’t find an ingredients list on the website but would guess that the “beesting” look is caused by a vasodilator (something that brings blood to the surface)  such as capsicum oleoresin,   Ginger extract, cinnamon or pepper alongside a skin irritant which could include any of the above as well as things like Alpha Hydroxy Acids.

The literature states that you will feel your lips tingle when you apply so I would suggest that you only try a little to start with and check out the full ingredients list before use (as you may have allergies to some of these ingredients).

Pale and Passionate.

The range has also made it possible to get that “other world glow” through using light reflective pigment technology that bouce light away from your face. This gives the illusion of a glowing, moonlit complexion as well as making you look pale and interesting!  There are also body shimmers to give your  body  that extra dimension!

In light of what has been happening in the cosmetics industry over the last week (Human Fat Trade) I find the […]