We took the kids to see the Lorax at the local cinema tonight being as though it is Easter and we are a family  and as such work wasn’t exactly top of my ‘to do’ list but then the film started….. For those of you who haven’t read the now 40-year-old book or seen the film the Lorax is the spokesperson for the trees and this book tells the tale of Once-ler, a dreamer-turned-businessman and the affect that his amazing invention a ‘Thneeds’ (a multi-purpose must-have garment that sends the world into a purchasing frenzy) has on the local environment.   This sugar-coated tale of corporate greed  got me thinking about the cosmetics industry, as you do when you are a bit obsessed with all things work. I’m thinking Palm oil!

The similarities between the Dr Seuss story and the palm oil issue are striking in as much as our unquenchable thirst for stuff we want but don’t really need (cosmetics and  junk food)  is ripping out the very lungs of the world and leaving us in a place where we have to pay for things that should come naturally such as clean air and fresh water.

Just like Mr Once-ler the cosmetics industry is struggling with a supply and demand problem.  When demand outstrips supply a capitalist society rubs their hands together with glee and prepares to count the dollars and so it is not surprising that while the gap can be filled it will be.  However, that gap is currently being filled at the expense of our beautiful earth, ancient trees are being felled, animals are suffering and people are being turfed off their land in favour of bigger, better and bolder mechanical processes. […]