OK, so a hormone is not one of those ingredients that you would expect to find in your skin care but that’s exactly what you get with Cellular Laboratories “Re-Birth” serum.  Apparently this serum contains the world’s first Synthetic growth hormone like chemical to help reverse the visible signs of aging – I am guessing that it does this by encouraging the growth  of new cells or something but to be on the safe side I did a bit of research.

What is this special ingredient called?

The chemical to look out for is  Clairsome P-9, a name that has been given to this proprietory mix of growth factors with skin rejuvenating powers. 

So is it a hormone?

Hormonesque skin care may contain one of two key families of active, the growth hormone and the growth factor. The hormone is the chemical that is usually produced by the pituitary gland, it goes on to stimulate growth and cell reproduction. Hormone growth factors stimulate cell turn over. Both may have benefits in terms of their anti-ageing abilities but the older you get, the more likely you are to benefit from the hormone rather than the growth factor – it’s no good turning cells over that either aren’t there or are too old to produce anything good. However, due to the legal difficulties surrounding the use of growth hormone it is more usual for skin creams to use the growth factors. Therefore it is likely the product from Cellular Laboratories doesn’t contains hormones at all, just growth factors which are linked but not the same. To be fair on Cellular Labs, their marketing materials call this a ‘hormone-like’ material.

Depending on exactly which growth factors are present these get into the skin and up-regulate repair […]