We all know that bullying is wrong, right? Well it seems that the gloves are off and anything goes when your trying to get a good celebrity story.  OK, so the fact that some parts of the media delight in pointing out the faults of our idols is not “news”, they have been at it for years and we (well some of us) LOVE it. 

So, is this all harmless fun or are stories like this making us sick……. 

Mo’Nique shows off her hairy legs at the Golden Globes. 

So, the feisty and funny Monique Imes didn’t have time to shave her legs before her big night? Either that or she couldn’t be bothered but maaaan did she get a serve for it. Ok, the ‘forgot to shave’ look is not glam and  doesn’t go  down well with high heels and a silk dress BUT should we be morally outraged by such behaviour?  I mean, it’s not like she was wearing a FUR COAT, it was her fur for goodness sake. 


The message that this sends out is “Don’t expect to get any respect from US ‘Joe Public’ if you can’t respect yourself and your razor. Shaven legs trump any of that acting stuff that you do.   Quite a sad attitude really but hey, image counts! 

Is this attitude making us sick? 

So Monique was making a (tongue in cheek) statement but this is not always the case.  We are obsessed by image and not a month goes by without some unlucky celeb being caught putting the bins out without a full face of make-up or picking the kids up from day care with grey roots showing.  Of course these guys get paid well to always look immaculate but how many of us co-ordinate our lippy and hand-bag […]