Harmonis Kiss Teen Organics Review

By:  Maddison Tilyard aged 12.

I loved the colour of the packaging of the Body Scrub and the squeeze tube container. It was very attractive and great choice in colour for girls.

When I first opened the lid I noticed the colour, the smell and the consistency of the scrub. The colour of the scrub is green and brown. The smell is rather strong and has an odd smell to it which I didn’t really like but it didn’t bother me that much. The consistency is a little bit runny.

I found the scrub a bit too runny for my liking which was a bit disappointing. It was hard to put on as it fell through my fingers.  The gritty bits actually feel like its scratching my face, but I suppose that is what it is supposed to do. Like I said before the smell is rather strong and doesn’t really smell like really anything.

When I put the scrub on my legs it was o.k. but my face tingled a bit.  My faces and my legs felt as smooth as a babies bottom, well that is what my mother would say. I thought that was how they always felt. My face felt firm and very clean.

I thought that when you put chopped bamboo and tea tree in the body scrub that, that was a wired choice but when I looked up what they did. I found out that was a really good choice. The bamboo makes your skin feel soft and tea trees to get rid of any acne.

I think the body scrub is definitely in the top 10 products I have used. I loved the colour and the type of tube it was in.  I think […]

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Sweating it Out – The Low Down On Perspiration

It seems that all it takes in Australia to get our pollies hot under the collar is a bit of climate change debate. So, while they are sweating it out, shuffling seats and generally increasing Australia’s carbon footprint we take a look at how to stay dry in times of climate crisis.

Horses sweat, men perspire and ladies glow or so the old saying goes, but what is it,  why does it smell and how can we stop it?

Firstly sweating is perfectly normal and is one way our bodies keep cool and communicate to others. There are two types of sweat, firstly there is the sweat secreted by our eccrine glands which are located all over our body. This sweat mostly consists of water and is part of our cooling system.  The other type of sweat originates from  Apocrine glands which are only found in certain areas of the body (armpits and private parts) . While this sweat does function to cool us it also contains our own distinctive body odour – something very important when looking for a mate (oh yeh, we are all animals).  Anyone who has been watching the ABC’s series  John  Safrans Race Relations will know just how important scent is in this regard.

So its normal to sweat. In fact it is important that we do but why does it smell so very awful?

While everyone’s sweat has the potential to smell bad, some people will give off stronger odours than others. There are racial differences in our smell,  biological differences in the number and activity level of our sweat glands,  differing emotional response levels to environmental stimulus (or ETS legislation), the impact of our personal hygiene, our diet, our general health and medication status and our hormones on any given day.  Fresh sweat on most people has a […]

Would YOU take the bicarb underarm challenge?

OK so this has been on my mind for some time. I facilitate workshops at the Watershed in Newtown, Sydney and bicarb deodorant always comes up. Some people swear by it while others say it is just irritating to the skin. I wanted to find out for myself by setting a bicarb underarm challenge. What am I talking about?  Let me explain.

Sodium Bicarbonate is a much-loved ingredient in the natural formulators treasure chest as it can be put to many exciting uses.  Now this is a “chemical” and it most definitely doesn’t grow on trees but it does flow in mineral springs making it perfectly acceptable for someone looking to simplify their personal care regimen. Naturally.

Sodium Bicarbonate is found in your bath fizzers (it reacts with citric acid to create a fizz), it is found in your toothpaste (as a whitener and an abrasive), it can be used as an anti-fungicide to help with dandruff or skin disorders and can help neutralize the pong of smelly feet when put into a foot bath and it can of course be used as a deodorant. All of that for only a few dollars a Kg!

So how does it work?

Most of our sweat is relatively odorless when it is first released but what happens after that can cause us problems. Our released sweat sits on the skin where it provides a banquet for our under arm bacteria. The bacteria feast away leaving a trail of smelly bi-products behind them. Sodium Bicarbonate is able to neutralize these smelly odors by absorbing them leaving our pits smell free!

So how do I use it?

Many people whom I speak to just make a paste up with a little water and then […]