Plug me in and turn me on

Is it me or has this become a metaphor for modern life? Do we aspire to be controlled, to be left limp, lifeless and doll-like when our masters have finished with us? Have we forgotten how to think?

I like the tune but could write an essay on how wrong both the video and the lyrics are – women sticking their bits in the air, wearing skimpy outfits, surrendering not only control but personality ‘do whatever you like’ or something….. But the worse bit for me has to be the naughty school girl imagery, oh dear….

Anyway, I wanted to share it with you because every time I hear it I can’t help but be reminded of the fact that I am not going to take the passenger seat when it comes to my life and further, I think that we do have to go far……. far, far away from our trailer trash lifestyles.

Meet me in the library in 10, it’s time to take control.

Living Dolls – A Beauty Conspiracy

SSShhhhh, stop and listen for a moment. Listen to the radio, listen to the TV ads, listen to government policy, to the toy store, to popular magazines and OMG no, to science. If you are a fan of equality and freedom of choice you may want to listen up and when you’ve had your fill of propaganda it may just be time to shout! Sexual discrimination never died.

Natasha Walter’s latest book “Living Dolls” outlines perfectly and with an array of examples how un-free us liberated women really are.  There seems to be a momentum building in the men vs women camp again and the way things are going guess who will be looking after the baby?  This isn’t just your old-fashioned sexism where women were fine as long as they knew their place, this is super sexism where women are probably best not to look too much like REAL women for fear of causing offense.  We have talked before about Barbie being the new ideal and this book strengthens this premise at every turn.

The book starts with a trip to a large multi-level toy shop in london where one can take the elevator to a floor for ‘girls’ all decked out in that colour that we females find irresistable – PINK. Oh yes, if it wasn’t clear before this floor had it all spelled out – little girls like to play dress-up, princesses, home-makers, nurses, weddings, babies and other soft and squishy games. Of course girls DO like all of this, being the mother of two daughters I have waded through my fair share of pink landscapes and lamented at the fact that one of my daughters wore nothing BUT pink for two years of her life […]