I should never have been a chemist, it really was just asking for trouble having someone like me involved in a profession where you have to wash your hands every five minutes.  The problem with me is that I have eczema and after having suffered on various parts of my body throughout my life it decided to settle on my hands leaving me with skin that rips and tears when it is treated to one too many baths in a day.

Just have a look at this:

Very cold or very hot weather just adds insult to injury and before you know it the cracks start to appear.  Not nice at all!

As many eczema sufferers will know when things get REALLY bad there isn’t much that can help except for maybe some steroid cream and anti-histamines (if you are itching) or gloves and aqueous cream (if they are just dry).  However neither of those options are particularly good cosmetically. Steroid cream can make problems worse when used for too long and aqueous cream and gloves is hardly becoming for a lady about town.   So, every now and then we need the help from something strong, tough but ultimately very caring and that’s why I love Norwegian Formula hand cream (oh I sound like an ad – no I don’t work for the Neutrogena brand, I honestly like the stuff)!

This hard-working hand cream has long been a favourite of mine as it is non-greasy yet durable, light yet protective, feels luxurious yet is very cost-effective. It ticks all but the ‘natural’ box for me, a sufferer of seriously annoying skin.  

So why does it work?

Well, the trick to a good hand cream for sore hands is to make it […]