That’s Life Magazine Make-Over Friday

Back in April we ran a competition with That’s Life Magazine to win a ‘Make-Over’ weekend trip to Sydney for two ladies as part of our ‘Celebrate You’ philosophy.  Well, the lucky winners were flown up to Sydney on the 17th September for their weekend of beauty indulgence and the rest is beautiful….. 

Cousins Linda and Sandra from Adelaide were treated to a banquet of beautiful experiences over their three-day weekend including: 

* Cosmetic Kitchen workshop with Me (Amanda) where we made toothpaste,  liquid soap, bath bags, massage oil and lip balm. 

* Hair re-style with the team at the Stevie English salon in Glebe. 

* Make up by the salon’s artist Joel Philips. 

* Photo shoot with Sam from the Stevie English Salon. 

* Image Consult and guided shopping trip with Cosimina. 

* Massage with our team therapist Irene. 

* Body scrub and facial at the Azul Spa in Woolloomooloo. 

*Goody Bags sponsored by New Directions and Nivea (via Maxted Thomas PR) 

* Two nights at the Blue Hotel, Cowper Bay Wharf. 

* Dinner at China Doll 

* $500 spending money 

* A perfumery session to develop the winners own signature scent with perfumer Phil Clarke from Risdon International. 

It was a crazy fun weekend and we all agreed that we couldn’t have hoped for better winners. In fact, we enjoyed the day so much that we’ve been putting our heads together to find out a way of bringing part of this to the masses on a more regular basis. 

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of the people involved in making this a fab weekend and urge you all to stay posted for more info on how you can be our next beauty victim. 

Life is just one big party  when you Realize Beauty.

How your looks affect your job prospects.

I was flicking through Executive PA magazine the other day and came across this: LOOKISM ON THE RISE article which not only caught my eye but got me thinking. Now, we are only human and as humans we love anything bright and shiny, wholesome and healthy (er, maybe not…) BUT we are on the whole very visually driven. Therefore to hear that your looks can impact on your job chances came as no surprise.

The study being discussed was carried out by the University of Sydney and apparently focused on the jewelry and fashion business sector where “looking  the part”  is legitimately important. However, I wonder just how far far good looks and no talent would take you….

The study showed that nearly all employers chose employees based on their personality while 84% chose staff based on appearance. Compare that to the 44% that considered the potential employees qualifications and you can see why customer service is often woeful!

While looks (in as much as being neat and tidy, clean and groomed) are important in my book, I would rather be served by someone who knows their product, can address my concerns and process my payment efficiently than one that prefers to be adored.

Getting the balance right is important and a polished corporate image can do wonders for your business. Our advice is to employ people based on their qualifications and interpersonal skills  and hire Image Consultant Cosimina to iron out any image issues.

Your customers come in all shapes and sizes and so should your staff!

Feel Great Being You.

Our First Photo Shoot.

Here at Realize Beauty HQ things are really hotting up. We are busy putting together our corporate indulgence event menu which looks set to take the office party to a whole new level! In addition to that we are busy trying out new recipes for our cosmetic kitchen workshops and getting to know our ever growing family of experts.  Oh, and I forgot to mention the new magazine that we are feature writers for – The Science Of Beauty, launching in November (see us at the Beauty Expo).  With so much going on and so many people wanting to know what we are all about we thought that it was time to bring on the photographer!

Our image consultant, Cosimina pulled the photo shoot together brilliantly.  With location sorted, photographer at the ready blow dry booked and make-up by our very own Sharon Mitchell all we had to do was sort out our outfits!   As you can see from the photographs below we had a great day. David our photographer for the day made us feel relaxed and managed to catch us at our best  – at least some of the time. Cosimina made sure that  we looked the part and kept our energy flowing with some home cooking and plenty of tea!  Check out the photo’s below and let us know what you think!

Introducing Martha Stuart (AKA Amanda Foxon-Hill)

….and the Avon Lady (Aka Sharon Mitchell).

OK hold it.  I think that we have the shot. Talk to me, talk to me…….. Simply marvelous daarrling.

Time for some casual shots.

Sharon “I can’t believe you just said that”. Amanda “What do you mean I stand like a man?”

80 frames later and we are getting somewhere……

make Love to […]