The one minute conditioner recipe

When you are teaching something new it pays to keep things simple and so this week my Friday class learned a fast, fun and fab way to make a no-frills hair conditioner.  Well, I say ‘no frills’ but don’t think that means cheap and nasty, after trying this in my hair last night I’m going to keep this as my regular…….
This is the recipe that we used in class:
1)        Water                                              89%

2)       Cetriminium Chloride                            3.0%

3)       Cetearyl Alcohol and Ceteareth-20         4.5%

4)       Vegetable Oil (Macadamia Nut Oil)        1.0%

5)       Keratin Amino Acids                             0.5%

6)       Panthenol                                            0.3%

7)       Preservative (Naticide)                          1.0%

8)       Citric Acid to adjust pH to 5.5               QS

9)       Colour, Fragrance as per your choice    QS

The instructions were pretty simple too:

Measure the ingredients 1-6 into a heat proof container and then whack it into the microwave for approx 1 minute.  Take it out (carefully, don’t burn yourself) and then wizz with a hand blender until you have a homogenous mixture. Allow to cool to 40C and then […]

Organix Cherry Blossom and Ginseng for Hair

Over the last week I have been testing out a shampoo/ conditioner combo from Organix, an all-American hair care company that want to give your day an aromatic boost.  While I prefer my skin care to be unscented, I love it when I can smell my hair care products all day – it gives me that salon-fresh feeling.  In that regard, these products do not disappoint!

As far as the organix part goes this isn’t an Organic brand so don’t be sucked in by the name.  Both the shampoo and conditioner contain silicones which help to make the products perform really well in both their wet and dry compatibility but mean that the products aren’t considered natural.   Otherwise the shampoo contains a blend of three mild surfactants, some natural plant extracts and proteins plus the all-important fragrance. The conditioner  formulation has a pretty standard base but benefits from the silk amino acids, panthenol and milk proteins.

One important point to note (and one that I find pretty annoying) is that this is yet another brand that puts ‘Sulfate Free and Paraben Free’ on its packaging as part of the brand philosophy.   Now I don’t have anything against sulfates or parabens or any of the other ingredients contained in these products but some people do (mainly because they keep seeing these ‘free from’ claims which feed their fear). So, while these products aren’t lying they are not being very helpful especially given some of the other ingredients that are in the mix.

From an environmental perspective the packaging is classified as eco-friendly as it is manufactured from recycled post-consumer resin (melted down plastic ready for re-using).  Labels are printed using environmentally friendly inks (Soy based) and the label is compostable as it is made from corn.

The ingredients are listed […]

Conditioners: $2 Vs $20 and then some…

Your hair is dead.  Dead straight, Dead Curly, Dead Flat, Dead Red. Whatever, its dead and so is there any point in “feeding”  it with expensive conditioner?

It is true that once your hair leaves the cozy nest that is the hair follicle and enters life in the world above skin it is no longer alive. Sad? yes.  Tragic? Doesn’t have to be.

Hair grows in cycles and it is during the anogen phase that it grows. The time that your hair spends in the anogen or growth phase depends on where the hair is on your body and on your genes. That is why our eyelashes and leg hair don’t grow as long as the hair on our heads. Some lucky people have an anogen phase that lasts around 10 years on their heads leaving them able to the very long hair seen in the record books. For others the growth phase lasts anywhere between 2-6 years. It is likely that Rapunzel from the fairy tale had some kind of genetic disorder meaning that her hair never left the anogen growth phase. A useful genetic flaw for those trapped in tall towers!

Anyway, the hair that we see on our heads is long dead so there is a limit to what we can do to it.  However, as we shall see below, that doesn’t mean that you should give up and throw out the hair masks and treatments now….

Smoothness. Each hair on our head has an outer cuticle or coat that sits over the hair shaft like roof tiles (or like the scales on a snake). If you rub them one way they are soft and the other they are rough.   Hair conditioners contain electrically charged […]

Celebrate St Patricks Day With A Guinness Hair Wash

March 17th is the day that the world goes shamrock crazy in honor of St Patrick and his Irish homeland! What could be more Irish than reading Oscar Wilde while listening to U2 and having your hair washed in Guinness!!!