As we sit here freezing in our  Blue Mountains office we can’t help but wonder if the backache that has been plaguing us today is due to something more sinister than bad posture. Will we join the growing masses of people falling victim of Swine Flu? Is the spread of this new virus a foregone conclusion or can we fight back?  Being the kind of those people that touch, talk to and interact with the masses every day in order to make a dollar or two, becoming a hermit is not an option. So, what, if anything can be done? Let us look…

Why the fuss?

Is it me or does it seem like influenza leaps into our lives as soon as the month of June begins?  Winter is open season for true flu (we can get flu-like illnesses at any time of the year). A key factor in the spread of influenza is that in winter we snuggle up together more, we turn on heating systems and tend to stay indoors. There is much debate on whether people’s ability to ward off disease diminishes in winter – it has not been possible to find any medical evidence that this happens but the very fact that the most virulent and hard-hitting viruses come out to play in the winter can leave our immune systems overwhelmed.  So when flu opens the door, other viruses / bacterial infections and fungus  can take advantage!

Swine flu is a different beast to our usual range of winter influenza viruses, which is why it is such a worry. The swine flu was renamed H1N1 to more accurately describe its chemical make-up (the H and N relate to the viruses protein structure) and […]