Type green coffee into your search engine and you are faced with a staggering range of articles waxing lyrical about this ingredients slimming benefits!  Apparently it boosts your metabolism from within giving you more energy and increased digestive performance. Sounds amazing but what I want to know is what is it going to do to my face and is green coffee really that much different to black coffee?

Let’s start with the beans.

Botanically the species of green coffee that we are interested in is  Coffea  Arabica  (a genus that contains over 90 species) . The ‘green’ bit refers to the immature coffee beans that have been un-roasted and processed cold so that they retain their waxy outer layer.  Because the beans are not exposed to the tough roasting conditions they retain a higher percentage of volatile components including the well known alkaloid theophylline (the one that gives green tea its benefits) and the wrinkle stopping amino acid GABA (gamma-Aminobutyric acid) which would have otherwise been degraded completely.

So, suddenly our green coffee is sounding quite appealing. But just how good is it for our SKIN and will rubbing it on make me thin?

Skin wise these green coffee beans do pack quite a healthy skin punch with ingredients that promise to give us better circulation, less wrinkles and a faster skin metabolism but probably not much in terms of fat reduction!

 Sounds promising just so long as it can get through the skins barrier, so can it?

Well, there has been a fair bit of clinical research done on theophylline as it is used as a treatment for apnea of prematurity (a condition where premmy infants stop breathing  for short periods of time).  However, But while research on transdermal […]