Over the past couple of weeks I have been testing out a product for my friends at Cheffresh Skincare. These guys really do have something special going on from the way that they prepare their fresh food-inspired ingredients to the way that they blend them into such light and refreshing products. Like all start-up skincare brands Cheffresh are still working hard to promote and develop their brand and convert the world to their way of thinking about skin health. I think that they have a message worth listening to and so when I asked them to share with me their ‘hero’ product they gave me this:

So, what is it like?
The Look and smell >>>>> This rich yellow serum has a light and slightly spicy aroma which is rather pleasant without being overly intense or polarizing. 

The feel >>>>>  The thin yet structured texture mean that this serum glides onto the skin easily and is rubbed in quickly without leaving a greasy or sticky residue. 

The Science >>>>>> Let’s look at the ingredients to point out what’s doing what in this skin-care super-food!

Aqua – Water, the  main solvent for the actives.

Sodium Hyaluronate – This is a super efficient water binder and as such helps to hydrate the skin and plump up those wrinkled areas from the top down. The fact that the polymer is often too big to penetrate into the skin is not a problem in this product as it is the super-hydrating power that gets you looking smooth and fresh.

Schizophyllan –  Also known as Beta Glucan is a polymeric sugar extracted from oats to help sooth and hydrate super-dry skin. This paired with the previous ingredient make for a super-combo of natural  moisturising actives.

Aloe Barbadensis Gel – This provides the serum with some structure […]