Setting the artistic diretion at the Sydney 2010 Hair Expo
 Wow,today’s sneaky peak at the 2010 Hair Expo thanks to PR agency Maxted Thomas was amazing as you can see from the beautiful girls above.  Stephanie Kocielski wowed us all with her high altitude balloon hair and her wish to make the world Paul Mitchelly ‘chemially dependent’ Oh how I can relate to that . Next up was the lovely Colin Greaney for Mahogany with his interpritation of the ‘La Garconne’ power woman hear me ROAR.  Nice one.

 Number three on the runway was Mark Hays who’s understated luxury and ‘designed’ hair just made me want to stroke it. Sooo soft, shiny and immaculate – just like an oscar!

Third was some hair that I really wanted to eat.Yes that really is all hair, it’s pink and lovely and fluffy and oh so suggary, why can’t I have a taste? 

 Ok so next up we have the Canadian constituent Darek Wierzbicki and the Matrix team. His ‘all about buttons’ creation was amazing – you can see more of this at the Sunday Night Gala event. Can’t wait! And Finally we have Australia’s own Caterina DiBiase and her funkyhair knitting (or is it weaving) whatever! She’s got it all going on and she’s OURS.