Carbon Neutral Shampoo?

Today was the first day that I’d seen this on a shampoo in Coles (Australian supermarket chain):

This product was certified by the Carbon Reduction Company under the No Co2 logo which means that you, the product purchaser can have some confidence that this shampoo has been created with the environment in mind.

So what does this mean exactly?

Well, the process of calculating a products greenhouse gas emissions is quite complex and there has been much discussion about who should take responsibility for what and at what point the calculations should be attributed to a particular product or company.   The decision taken by this certifying body was to reference a number of different accounting  protocols laid out by bodies such as the CSIRO,  the World Resources Institute and World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the International Standard 14064.1.

In a nutshell this means that the company and its processes are audited by an accredited  third-party to make sure that they are implementing business practices that reduce environmental impacts.  This could be through making products via a cold rather than a hot process, using locally sourced ingredients, using recycled packaging, encouraging employees to cycle or use public transport to get to work, work from home policies and much more.

Once the greenhouse gas emissions have been calculated, the company involved must offset that gap financially – a sort of carbon tax.  This money goes into the development of environmentally friendly schemes that will benefit everyone in the long-term – alternative energy sources, tree planting, education or other government, NGO and private enterprise endeavours.

If you want to find out what Australian Organics have been doing to earn their logo just take a look at their website. 

My opinion on this sort […]

La Mav- Getting Results Organically

La Mav is a new Organic skin care range that promises to take “organic” hi-tech with it’s potent blend of actives and nutrient-rich base oils. In our last piece we interviewed Dr Tarj Mavi to find out what motivated her to create such a range.  However, we all know that a good idea and lots of passion aren’t enough to get pots on shelves which begs the question  “what makes your range so different”  and then  “where next from here!” I hope that you are enjoying the ride.

Interview with Tarj Mavi – Getting Results Organically (interview conducted via e-mail).
Q) Your ingredients list reads like a feast for the skin. Which one ingredient is your favourite and why?

Jojoba Oil which is both an ingredient and a product in itself (La Mav Certified Organic Pure Jojoba Oil) is the cure of all skin conditions. Many consumers are skeptical to use oil on the skin as people inevitable assume that oils will clog the pores and have adverse effects on the skin. But because of the unique anti-bacterial structure of Jojoba Oil, this does not occur. When applied on the skin, the oil is quickly absorbed as its hypoallergenic properties mimic the sebum that is naturally present on the skin. As a result the skin’s natural pH balance is automatically restored.

Acne, eczema, rosacea and psoriasis, skin conditions that affect a large proportion of the world’s population are soothed and in some cases eliminated altogether through daily use of Jojoba Oil. It leaves the skin feeling soft and glowing and another great is that it amazingly helps reduce stretch marks and lighten scares. I use it every night to remove heavy makeup, especially makeup around the eye area and get rid of other impurities that block […]

The Beauty Expo, Sydney 8-9th August

Sharon and I have had a ball this weekend at the Beauty expo. It was a little smaller than previous years but the place was jumping, the orders were flowing and the lectures were well attended making for  a full on weekend of beauty heaven!

We met some amazing people with some great stories to share – stay tuned for features on our expo stars!  There were so many highlights – most of which will be investigated later.  However, to whet your appetite we bring you news from:

Those cheeky folk at Bamboo Lashes – Their eyelash product promises to give you extra length within 6-8 weeks all through naturally derived ingredients (who could go past that!)  Sharon lovingly volunteered to give the product a fair hearing and has agreed to share her picture diary with us as she goes from no-lash to wow-lash from the comfort of her own home.

Mascara TUBES? We were intrigued so gave it a try. I put my hand up this time and had a little play with this innovative mascara from BLINC. The mascara goes on like usual but once applied it forms tubes around each eye lash which are easily removed with water. More info about how this does this will be available in a later story – some science magic!

We couldn’t go past the Naked Tan stand. These guys seriously know how to work an expo. Their peacock feathered bikini girls brought the crowds flocking to this high performance, Australian owned and made fake tan brand. Cool!

We can’t wait to interview the inspirational and visionary Michelle, founder of  Waterlilly. She has promised to share her journey from beautician to brand diva with the Realize Beauty readership.  This […]