Last weekend was spent at the Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemist’s mini-expo in sunny Newcastle and while there I just couldn’t go past this fruity little beauty!  Having never heard of such a tasty little ingredient I wanted to know more.

Cranberries can’t make butter all on their own as they don’t have enough waxy stuff in them. Indeed the main components of these little red berries are:

Vitamin C.  The sunshine vitamin to help your skin glow and your bones sing! 100g = 16% of RDI.
Fibre for bowel health.
Sugar for energy.
Magnesium – approx 7% of our recommended daily intake per 100g.
Vitamin A – the acne fighting favourite fresh from nature (9% of RDI).

Plus a heap of other fun and useful trace vitamins and minerals.  So, where does the wax come from?

Well, Biochemica International have taken these little berries, froze them and then mashed them up into a   shea, palm and jojoba butter blend to give a unique and interesting cosmetic ingredient.

This antioxidant rich butter would make an excellent base for a body cream, lip balm, massage blend or ointment and what’s more, it’s certified Organic by the USDA. Wow.

Get me some toast now people! Biochemica also have blueberry and pomegranate butters available in their fruit range. Yummmm.