After a personal brush disaster I got on the twittersphere to my make-up guru friend Kylie from the Makeup Muse.  Apparently I had committed the cardinal sin of brush care and dunked the whole thing in boiling hot water to clean it (and I thought I was being clever!)

Anyway, to save you suffering the same fate I asked Kylie to share her top tips with us and here they are:

Caring for your Makeup Brushes
It’s a good idea to invest wisely in your makeup brushes and look after them well, they are the key to perfecting your makeup. Good brushes, that are well cared for, should last a VERY long time.
To care for your brushes and for hygienic purposes, you need to clean them. There are many ways to clean your brushes and there are some great you tube videos, so if you’re a visual person and want to see how its don’t, check them out. 
Cleaning your brushes…
In between uses:

 Use a sterilizing makeup brush cleaner (you can generally get this from a makeup counter or store where you buy your makeup).
 Spray a (clean) old towel or paper towel and gently swirl the brush into where you have sprayed, and then where you haven’t, to remove some of the solution from the brush.
Continue the process until there is no colour coming off on the paper towel.

Fortnightly/Monthly: (also good to do to new brushes)

Holding the brush with the bristles pointing downwards, cup your hand in a sink with some warm water running.
 Apply a very small amount of a gentle shampoo, I like baby shampoo, and swirl the brush around gently in your cupped hand.
Rinse the brush thoroughly using the same motion; warm water in the cupped hand […]