How often do you stop and breathe?  Not just the breath’s that we have to take in order to survive, but the kind of breathing that makes our bodies sing?  Over the last few months I have been sitting at my desk for far too many hours a day, taking  little  exercise and designating caffeine  as my new best friend. Not good! And that’s coming from the girl who LOVES to get out there into the big wide world and ride a bike, take a walk and just generally smell the roses. Life gets busy and we forget things. Forgetting to breathe well is probably something that I’m not alone in doing.

I was lucky enough to meet Jim Efthimiou at the Natural Health Expo who, while having a chat over the water cooler reminded me of the importance of breathing well. Jim has invested all of his energies and finances into his breath enhancing gadget – the Energy Airflow Aerator, available to purchase from his website. Jim sent me one of his pocket sized gadgets and books and encouraged me to try it. How could I refuse?

So, how can breathing well increase your beauty?

There is little doubt that taking time out to breathe well will do you the world of good.  The old saying “If you don’t use it, you loose it” rings true for everything, including your lungs.  Even if you are the kind of person that hates breaking into a sweat, practicing breathing better will increase blood flow and oxygen levels making you feel better and give your skin a glow.  The aeror exercise book takes its inspiration from various yoga practices, wind instrument warm up techniques, meditation and elite sport practices […]