Beaute Pacifique Puffy Eyes Gel

Waaaaaaay back on 10th December I got sent a sample of this, a cult Danish product, jam-packed full of caffeine to help firm, tone and tighten the eyes. Now back then in the land BC (before Christmas) I didn’t  NEED this type of product because I was all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with a summery spring in my Australian step. However, things have changed and after a 20 hour flight in cattle class, a week of festivities and an epic car ride I’m pooped and in need of some therapy.  Let’s hope that this thing works…..

Caffeine is a well-known stimulant able to work its magic both topically and when supped from a large mug while reading the paper.  I’ve written about its skin friendly actions before (this article looks at the L’Oreal Caffeine roll on and this looks at Green Coffee) and so was pretty excited to try this product as it combines caffeine with skin-friendly herbs apparently.  NICE!

So what is it like?

Well I have to say that I love the way it feels on application. It gives a slightly cooling sensation on the skin when applied which is great for puffy or irritated eyes and then dries to an invisibly hydrating film which does seem to firm that area a little.  The smell is (as with many cosmaceuticals) a little herbally for my liking but isn’t enough to put you off using it and the texture is pretty much spot on what you need for this type of product.  The other active comes from the spilanthes acmella flower (also known as the toothache power as it contains a natural analgesic that blocks pain receptors – great if you have face ache from too much laughing).  The flower is also reported to have muscle relaxing properties […]

The Other Bad News About Botox

We all know that botox stops your wrinkles but did you also know that it stops you from having feelings?  Well did you?????  Apparently the science people at  the Wisconsen-Madison University found that post-botox the study group took longer to respond to the sad or maddening news conveyed in the test! Could be just what we all need before answering those telemarketing calls……
If you think about it this starts to make a lot of sense, I mean we tend to mimic body language when we feel a connection with someone- start itching and the room starts to scratch, yawn and watch the energy levels in the room slow down.  Humans are very social creatures and we use our facial muscles to communicate  subtle (or not so subtle) changes in mood to our peer group but take that ability away  and you find yourself with a problem on your hands.  This research showed that our brains seem to feed off of these micro-expressions in order to set the mood and when the muscle signals don’t match the visual stimuli confusion sets in.
Interesting stuff and possibly one of the reasons why some people with Autistic spectrum disorders find it hard to read people’s feelings.

So, if you are feeling like the iron woman after your botox session you now know that it has less to do with the de-creasing and more to do with your micro-expressions so get ready to smile with your eyes and fake it with some glossy ‘happy me’ lipstick and prepare to start feeling human again.

I know that we are nearing an election but let’s not make this a Zombie nation.

LaPurete on Today Tonight!

I still find it funny to see people who I know in “real life’ on the TV and so when Peter Vranes from LaPurete turned up on the box tonight I nearly choked on my chicken nuggets!  La Purette is a natural facelift-in-a-bottle  cosmaceutical cream that really does work. I tried it out after catching up with Peter at the Hair expo in Melbourne earlier this year and I have to say it did speed up my skin cell turn over and make my skin look fresher.  I was interested in trying this out as I had heard about a new product that had been proven in vivo but wasn’t sure which one it was until I met up with Peter.

LaPurete has been put through its paces by the Monash University team in a similar test to the one I talked about yesterday and it actually did reduce wrinkles. Do I sound surprised?  Well I have to say I was because reducing the appearance of wrinkles is actually very difficult to do as they are formed deep below the skin’s surface.

LaPurete works because its key active is so tiny and potent that it can pass through the skin barrier and block the muscle contraction signals at the source. This is exactly what Botox and other injectables do to but without the needles!  You can read more about the product here or can see the Today Tonight write-up at their website when they upload it!

Well done Peter and the team, can’t wait to see what you cook up next!

P.S: My sentences seem very long tonight so I appologise for that. It has been a Loooong (but good) day 🙂

Lapurete, Nature’s Botox…..But How?

Last week I mentioned this, a vibrant new brand that is promising to have us all kiss goodbye to anti-wrinkle injections.  So what is it about this nature-inspired brand that get’s our wrinkles relaxing? 

The key active is based on a tiny chemical extracted from the  Okra plant. 

 In the cosmetics backstage world there are a number of manufacturers of high-tech actives that are worth watching, this active comes from Laboratories Serobiologiques who are part of the global Cognis company – experts in ‘care chemicals’.  This active has some solid scientific data behind it including some convincing in-vivo studies. 

Okra or Abelmoschus esculentus is a member of the mallow family and is eaten as a stew (gumbo) in the Caribbean.  It is a hardy plant that can withstand drought and poor soil conditions making it a staple foodstuff in many countries.  Because of this its chemistry has been widely studied. This report by the Department of Food Science and Engineering , Nigeria and the Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology, Port Elizabeth, South Australia  investigated the antioxidant potential of the seeds and found them to contain oligomeric catechins and flavonol derivatives which  have proven anti-inflammatory properties. Very useful in an anti-ageing formulation! 

The extract used in this formulation works because the oligopeptides are small enough and chemically similar enough to pass through the extracellular matrix of the skin.  Once under our skin these oligopeptides have been found to block muscle contraction signals thus preventing the ‘frown’.   In addition to that, the antioxidant portion of this extract helps to mop up any free-radicals that are present due to the usual wear and tear on the skin as it ages.  A powerful combination. 

But none of this would be any good without a great delivery system and this product certainly […]

Botox – Is it right for me?

I wrote this piece for Islam Online earlier this year but thought it would be useful to share with you here as it is relevant for all people thinking about the needle!


There is no denying that botox is popular, indeed statistics published by the American Society for Aethetic Plastic Surgery state that in 2008 in North America, 2,464,123 botox procedures were performed. Not only that but the recipients are getting younger as botox is seen as a reasonable way to ‘prevent’ wrinkles from occurring.   So is the promise of a baby-smooth complexion too hard to resist? Is the product safe and should it even be considered in the first place? To answer these questions we need to do some digging around at the medi-spa.

What is Botox?
First of all ‘Botox’ is actually a trade name of Allergen Inc, USA and is used to market a muscle-relaxing toxin called “Botulinum Toxin”. An alternatives to Allergen’s ‘Botox’ is ‘Dysport’ manufactured by the Ipsen Group.  While both of these products have medical approval and contain the same active it would not be fair to say that they can be used interchangeably (information would be available to the practitioner in the Product Information Document produced by each company).

Many people will have heard of Botulism,  the deadly sickness caused by the above bacteria and will be worried by the prospect of introducing this into their bodies.  However, botulism and botulinum toxin are clinically different.  The  “botulinum toxin” used to relax muscles is produced by extracting the deadly toxin from the bacteria before purifying and modifying it to render it only mildly toxic.

Botulinum Toxin has been used clinically to relieve tension headaches, to treat excessive sweating and to help manage Cerebral […]

Injecting Results – Botox and YOUR Job

Warning – this article is my attempt at irony. After all, it is a Friday afternoon in my world.

How often has your boss tried to inject a bit of motivation into the workplace? Did they do it by letting you watch “motivational” movie clips in your lunch break?  By putting on a tasty morning tea  or maybe by taking you all out bowling on a Friday night (when you would rather be tucked up in your PJ’s with a glass of wine and a good book).

Well, all of that is SOOOO yesterday. Today we can find all the motivation we need in a syringe!

 I have mentioned before about how your looks impact on your job prospects but now it seems that looks can also impact upon how long you keep that job.   Yes guys, botox has hit the board room and there is now no excuse for not ironing out more than your shirt collars.

If all of that rings about as true as that once-a-year visit from the CEO who smiles, says “keep up the good work” and “the only constant in this life is change”  then here are some facts from an article sourced from the ninemsn website citing the Wall street journal:
“Even in the depths of one of the worst recessions since the last one BOTOX sales have risen 0.6%”
Big news indeed.
So,  in the lead up to your next annual review forget about talking to customers, researching new market opportunities or figuring out how to make production more efficient. Just head down to the medi-spa, sit back, relax and get ready to feel a few little pricks in your face.
Should be all the preparation you need I reckon.

Fill Your Face.

As we age our skin thins and sags a little  as the structure holding it all together relaxes its grip and slows down its collagen and elastin creating activities. While this is a perfectly normal function of human ageing it is one that many of us would like to put a halt to.  When it comes to looking young, the fat cheeks have it!

So, what can we do?

Blame your parents as the way we age has a fair bit to do with our genes. Not very useful though!
Gain weight.  The extra weight will plump out your cheeks making you look a little smoother faced    BUT beware, the negative health effects of being overweight far outweigh the benefits of being wrinkle free!
Lash on the anti-ageing cream.  There are plenty of creams on the market that claim to boost collagen and rebuild elastin, rebuilding your skin from within. While many of these creams do work, most of the effect seen is from super  moisturization (a well moisturized skin is plumper and smoother) as it is difficult (although not impossible) to get the collagen and elastin to where they are needed. Other creams include ingredients that naturally re-boot the skin’s scaffolding such as the many peptides, antioxidants and vitamins and again, these all work to a point but only if they can reach the desired part of the skin in high enough quantities. Oh, and of course these creams come with  lashings of sun protection- cosmetic therapist here I come……
Fill your face with dermal fillers. Sounds painful? I am assured that it is not but I must say, this is definitely not for the faint-hearted.
Do nothing. Wrinkles give you a distinguished and wise look.

Dermal fillers […]

Is GABA a Wrinkle Miracle?

Many of us will experience that day when we wake up after a great (but late) night of celebrating only to look in the mirror and see someone years older than we feel. Maybe that’s happened to you already? What happens next varies from person to person – after all, growing older may be compulsory but so what! A few wrinkles add character. But for those who want to look as fresh as they feel the lure of a “quick fix” can be too compelling to ignore.

However, having the will to reduce wrinkles doesn’t necessarily correlate to a willingness to go under the knife. For some the cash is the killer and for others it’s all about the cutting! Those who haven’t been living under a beauty care rock for the last few years will have heard about the joys of Botox BUT hang on a minute, that involves needles AND a trip to a trained (and expensive) clinic. Again, not possible or even desirable for many. So, what options are available to the needle / knife shy and cash strapped beauty?

Drum roll for the creams please.

There are many different anti-ageing creams offering results that range from an instant face lift to long-term repair and revival. One of the miracle ingredients to be found in some of these high tech cosmaceutical potions is GABA or Gamma Amino Butyric Acid  (which I have been assured in one advertisement is NOT a chemical (WHAT???))

So what is GABA?

Well, for one of course it is a chemical – what else would it be, fairy dust? And for two GABA is not new, it has been present in us since we first walked […]

Shoud I get Botox in my lunchbreak?

Should I try Botox? What is it anyway?