Do you want results from your skin care?  Of course you do!  These days if it doesn’t firm, tone, brighten, protect,  prevent, roll-back and revive it is just too….. well, too darn lazy by half!   And don’t be thinking that we have time to wait for these things to work,  we want it now, yesterday in fact and we want it to make us feel like we are saving the world from imminent DOOM.

Well, maybe we don’t all want those things but I have to admit, it does sound exciting!

So when I received the Bio Effects EGF serum the other week (which I quickly blogged about) I was excited to hear that it could tick most of the above boxes but rather than fall off my chair in the excitement of it all I wanted to see the evidence.

Evidence comes in number of formats and usually depends on how much time, money and understanding the product owner has at their disposal.  Here are some examples of how evidence to support claims is collected by the brand owner.

 The raw material supplier supplies it.   This evidence is usually just supporting the active and may be based on tests carried out in vitro (in a test tube), in vivo (real life) or in both.  If an ingredient only has in vitro evidence I tend to walk away, especially if it is very expensive as it is widely understood that while these results are interesting, they are long way from proving a measurable effect when applied to a real persons skin.
The raw material supplier helps you to collect it.  This does happen but not very often.  Basically during the development process the raw material supplier may […]