Round Up From Beauty Expo 2011

After a really hectic couple of weeks I finally feel like I’m getting back on track with all things beauty blogging. So, here is a round-up of some of the good things that we found along the way at Beauty Expo.

Mind To Body Candles.

These guys were ROCKING the show in a big way and had an endless stream of visitors past their booth which is great as, having known founder Renna for around a year now it is about time all of her efforts and vision paid off.

Renna makes the most delicious soy massage candles ever. Her special blend melts at just above body temperature which is absolutely perfect for a warming rub-down at the end of a long working day. The candles also contain a range of fruit oils which bring vitamins A, B, C E and F to the mix adding to the skin-kind formula. On top of that the packaging is stunning and the wick is lead-free which make these perfect for both eco and health-conscious shoppers.

Skinn – Skin Care For Men.

As I have already written about this range on another post I’ll just re-iterate the fact that this is a beautifully presented and light-feeling male-orientated skincare range that packs a powerful punch. Each product is jam-packed full of actives that will help to firm, tone and even-out the roughest and most sun-damaged of male skin. I really love the packaging too and think that this would look good in any salon or home.

Dirt For Men.

If you see a man-theme starting to develop here then you are right – this years event was all about men, Moroccan Oil and Nails….

Anyway, Dirt for men was […]

A Look At: Waterlily Skin, Body, Spa Australia

I was lucky to be working in an amazing Day Spa when we had the announcement that a new range was entering our spa. What a surprise it was to me that the range was primarily based on Aromatherapy. This was music to my ears being an aromatherapist myself and Australian product at that. Well, you could imagine how excited I was and couldn’t wait for the products to arrive and the training to begin. Arriving late to our first training session I find out during our first break that our ‘teacher’ was the Director of the company herself; well if I wasn’t impressed before I am now. Wow, not many directors come out from the HQ to teach people like us I thought. Really Impressed!!

After being put to the test with product knowledge, oh I was tingling with delight at all the beautiful essential oils immersed within the products; (hmmmm) anyway we had to move onto the practical side of things and got to work with using the skincare range for a facial treatment. The positive comments flying around the room was exhilarating.

That was about a year and a half ago now and as life goes on I have moved on from that Day Spa, but Waterlily had moved into my life and I still love this range for myself. Now a Realize Beauty Lady you can also imagine how excited I was to find out that Waterlily was exhibiting at this years Beauty Expo. There was no way was I going to miss out on an opportunity to visit the stand and have an RB chat with this Leading Lady. Well!!

Early Sunday morning Amanda […]

Mascara Drama

OK, so even if you DON’T do your full face every day there is a good chance that you paint on a little mascara to make you feel a little more “done up”. I definitely fit into this category and am always on the look out for a product that doesn’t leave me looking pandery eyed. You see, like many working mothers I get approximately 3.5 minutes to get ready to go anywhere. I get out of bed, turn on the shower and kids wake up. They talk AT me while I rinse out the shampoo, they demand assistance while I am fumbling for the conditioner and I give up shortly after. Then as I attempt to get close to the mirror to apply the foundation, powder and mascara they can’t find their shoes, need help tying their hair and have to know what another way of writing 8.45 is. Life! It happens. And I go out looking marginally more groomed than Alice Cooper.

Anyway, back to the mascara.  Now, I slather on the moisturiser every day as being an Eczema girl I need all of the help I can get! The down side to this and my break neck get ready time is that I am often applying mascara to moisturised eyelids.  The problem with this is that as most mascaras are oil based, they don’t get a good enough grip on my eyelashes to go the distance and I end up looking a little smudged.

You can imagine my excitement when I heard about a new type of mascara that wasn’t oil based. I got a chance to try it at the Beauty Expo. The mascara is from Blinc.

In order to appreciate the difference […]

The Beauty Expo, Sydney 8-9th August

Sharon and I have had a ball this weekend at the Beauty expo. It was a little smaller than previous years but the place was jumping, the orders were flowing and the lectures were well attended making for  a full on weekend of beauty heaven!

We met some amazing people with some great stories to share – stay tuned for features on our expo stars!  There were so many highlights – most of which will be investigated later.  However, to whet your appetite we bring you news from:

Those cheeky folk at Bamboo Lashes – Their eyelash product promises to give you extra length within 6-8 weeks all through naturally derived ingredients (who could go past that!)  Sharon lovingly volunteered to give the product a fair hearing and has agreed to share her picture diary with us as she goes from no-lash to wow-lash from the comfort of her own home.

Mascara TUBES? We were intrigued so gave it a try. I put my hand up this time and had a little play with this innovative mascara from BLINC. The mascara goes on like usual but once applied it forms tubes around each eye lash which are easily removed with water. More info about how this does this will be available in a later story – some science magic!

We couldn’t go past the Naked Tan stand. These guys seriously know how to work an expo. Their peacock feathered bikini girls brought the crowds flocking to this high performance, Australian owned and made fake tan brand. Cool!

We can’t wait to interview the inspirational and visionary Michelle, founder of  Waterlilly. She has promised to share her journey from beautician to brand diva with the Realize Beauty readership.  This […]