If you are after something a little different from your home facial then give this a whirl.  This mask really is something else, filled with high quality collagen, hyaluronic acid and  aloe vera  it is every dry-skin owners dream but what I wanted to know is “is it worth the big dollars????’

Well, I have to say that this product did wonders for my skin today – it felt soft, hydrated and a little plumper than usual over those dreaded wrinkled areas (my laugh in the face of botox frown lines)  however it definitely isn’t something for the faint hearted as it looks and feels like a giant squid has taken up residence on your face and neck…..  This is not something to be caught out in!

The reason that this product SHOULD work is that as mentioned before, it contains high levels of collagen and hyaluronic acid which are both well-known for their water binding and skin-rejuvenating power.  In addition to the ingredients, the fact that this mask forms an occlusive barrier on the skin whilst the actives get to work adds to the products potency.  The key actives are  supported by some aloe vera extract which has skin healing and soothing properties; Rose extract with its gentle anti-inflammatory action;  Orange Oil to help with detoxifying the body and Zea Maize – a natural source of Allantoin for an even bigger calming boost. All of that is held together in a light clear fluid gel and jelly mask by acacia gum.

As I mentioned this mask does feel a little weird and should be worn while relaxing, not while you are trying to type up a BAS statement (taxes) – mine slipped off my face at a critical moment 🙂  That said, this really […]