Your hair is dead.  Dead straight, Dead Curly, Dead Flat, Dead Red. Whatever, its dead and so is there any point in “feeding”  it with expensive conditioner?

It is true that once your hair leaves the cozy nest that is the hair follicle and enters life in the world above skin it is no longer alive. Sad? yes.  Tragic? Doesn’t have to be.

Hair grows in cycles and it is during the anogen phase that it grows. The time that your hair spends in the anogen or growth phase depends on where the hair is on your body and on your genes. That is why our eyelashes and leg hair don’t grow as long as the hair on our heads. Some lucky people have an anogen phase that lasts around 10 years on their heads leaving them able to the very long hair seen in the record books. For others the growth phase lasts anywhere between 2-6 years. It is likely that Rapunzel from the fairy tale had some kind of genetic disorder meaning that her hair never left the anogen growth phase. A useful genetic flaw for those trapped in tall towers!

Anyway, the hair that we see on our heads is long dead so there is a limit to what we can do to it.  However, as we shall see below, that doesn’t mean that you should give up and throw out the hair masks and treatments now….

Smoothness. Each hair on our head has an outer cuticle or coat that sits over the hair shaft like roof tiles (or like the scales on a snake). If you rub them one way they are soft and the other they are rough.   Hair conditioners contain electrically charged […]