Indulgent bath syrup range from Nspa

With the taste of Christmas still hanging in the air and the side effects of that box of chocolates still clinging to my hips I hit the beauty product aisle in that beacon of English shoppingness ASDA SUPERSTORE!  I knew that what I needed was a bath, not because I had embarked upon an experiment to re-enact life in the 1920’s when bathing was something savoured for your birthday, I just needed to feel snuggly and warm again after another close to freezing day in the countryside.  I wanted some comfort products and I found them.

Indulgent Bath Syrup – a bath feast that sounds good enough to eat.

Todays products on my aga are Indulgent Bath Syrups.

Well, I had never heard of N Spa until that moment and so went on a mini-digging spree (well, I don’t want to break into a sweat) and discovered the following little facts about this funky English brand.

N Spa is short for Nirvana spa who believe that you can reach that state of mind with the help of a few disgracefully aromatic bath products.
The Berkshire based health spa has over 200 staff to help prod, preen and pamper you into a state of bliss with the help of their gym, flotation tank, delux swimming area and relaxation space. 
The range will not use ingredients that have been animal tested more recently than 1990 and never test their finished formulations on animals (which is good because if they did, they would be illegal).
Animal derived ingredients are also a no-no unless the ingredient supplier can prove that the animal wasn’t harmed in harvesting the material (an example may be lanolin or some honey).

So what do thesebath  products contain that is so tempting I wonder?

Well […]

See that sign? It stinks.

When it comes to marketing stuff smell is a pretty powerful persuader with its ability to touch the parts of us that colour, fancy writing and feel can’t reach. It ‘talks’ our language, set’s us off dreaming and feels like home so  I was not surprised to find smell popping up on  bill boards all over the USA when browsing through my Sunday paper!

Well all of this got me very excited until I read that the first ‘smelly sign’ depicts a great big steak on a fork………mmmmm the smell of dead animal. OK so I do LIKE steak but I must say that seeing a ‘bite sized chunk’ as big as a cow on a giant fork made me want to throw up my coco pops. THEN I saw that the sign and attached odour was placed in an urban area ensuring that everyone got the benefit of this megga meaty treat!  Oh I do hope that the people in this town can stomach it.  Suddenly this piece of marketing genius started to turn a little sour for me as I imagined fishy smells emanating from a giant prawn shop,  cigar smoke from the tobacconist and cabbage from the greengrocer all competing for my mighty dollars.

Smell is powerful but it can also be polarizing – one mans meat is another mans maggot.

So, reading on I am reminded that smell has been used to persuade us into a whole range of situations – there is beer infused darts, lavender tyres (who smells tyres), Waffle scented ice cream stores and aromatherapy infused seminar rooms.  Our senses have been getting assaulted for quite some time, indeed some shopping malls even use scent to make us spend more, relax us or help us to […]

Perfume – Create your own signature scent!

It may only be September but Christmas has a habit of sneaking up on us much quicker than we would like so with that in mind, let’s plan a little something special. I am lucky enough to be able to work with the fabulous and creative genius that is Phil Clarke, perfumer to the stars during my weekly consulting load.  Together we make up the applications and development team of Risdon International, manufacturers of fine fragrances that are helping to sweeten the smell of many Australian businesses.  However, out of hours Phil is available for private consulting work and that is where Realize Beauty comes in…….
Phil Clarke PerfumerRealize Beauty is excited to be able to offer our readers the chance to develop their very own signature scent – a perfect gift for the person who has everything!     The fragrance development package includes time with Amanda to create your own fragrance ‘fingerprint’ and  the blending of a scent by Phil to match your brief. Once completed your fragrance will be presented to you as an eau de toilette, a concentrate for use in pot pourri or oil burners and as a candle.
So if you are looking for something to liven up your next anniversary, birthday, Christmas or celebration why not say it with scent?

For more information on the packages available including prices, lead times and details please contact Amanda on 0434 414 833 or .  Fragrance can be developed for both men and women to suit all personality types plus we have 100% natural fragrances available for our eco conscious friends.  

With only ten weeks of working time before Christmas now is the perfect time to get your brief to the ‘nose’.  We will be waiting for your call……

What are Natural Fragrances?

Lately I have been immersed in the wonderful world of natural fragrances – a logical transition for those looking for a lock, stock and barrel approach to their cosmetics. However, while I take this world for granted it seems that many of you are completely bamboozled by the whole thing.  So, what on earth ARE natural fragrances?

They can be one of two things.

 The most common way to make a natural fragrance is to blend pure essential oils together using perfumery skills to balance the top, middle and base characteristics of each oil. This approach is a little different to that taken by an aromatherapist who is mostly interested in blending oils for maximum therapeutic effect.  This is no easy feat to acomplish as each individual essential oil contains a plethora of naturally occuring aroma chemicals, each with their own distinctive smells. However, with careful blending based and selection it is possible to form a series of fragrance accords (like a smelly bouquet) that compliment rather than contradict each other. Beautiful!

These ‘fragrances’ are technically still only essential oils and as such would be listed as essential oils on the back of the product. The word ‘fragrance’ is not legally required!

The other way to make natural fragrances  is to do the above but then build on certain smell characteristics by adding in selected aroma chemicals that have been naturally extracted.  This technique can be used to make the fragrances more complex, longer lasting or just a little fuller and it gives the perfumer endless opportunities for creativity and play!

As you would be aware essential oils are complex mixtures containing what can be hundreds of naturally occuring aroma chemicals, some examples of which are Linalool and Linalyl Acetate – the key components in Lavender […]

The Cult Of Scent

This week I was lucky enough to catch up with my friend and fellow science nut Jocelyn Fullerton AKA the brains (and passion and creative genius) behind “The Cult of Scent”.  

I first met Jocelyn when she was on the search for the perfect rose for a women’s skin care range.  At the time she was working as a lecturer at the Australian College of Natural Therapies as well as writing a book and magazine articles, doing some freelance consulting work and keeping her hand in with her herbal clinic.  I am pleased to say that life for Jocelyn has got no less ‘interesting’ as she juggles the above with a new venture – her own perfume range. 

In an age when the dollar is almighty, the mass created is mass-celebrated and the ‘great unwashed’ smell like one- dimensional celebrities,  this boutique and highly personal range makes for a refreshingly earthy change.  The cult of scent is just that, a cult for those of us who thrive on what’s bubbling under the surface,  get excited by the possibility of the great unknown and ask the questions that need asking.  “Smell alone among the senses can either destroy or quite remake a man” Jerome Cardan, De Subtiltate Rerum 1550.  

So, what olfactory treats await you? Let’s find out….. 



The Hedonist
The Hedonist is a contradiction, did he just scream in on his motorbike, redolent of grease, sweat and leather? Or has he been in reclining in his study, on an antique Chesterfield, fresh pipe in one hand good cognac in the other? 

Think what you may but there’s no doubt that The Hedonist is a man who knows about pleasure –fierce or refined 

The Hedonist – a classical Russian leather composition, smoky birch tar and castoreum add depth and seduction to the […]

All Christmas Puddingy

There’s no escaping it. Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat and we all want Christmas pudding BUT what should Christmas smell like?

Drum roll please for our top five Natural Christmas smells: The Essence of Christmas.

Oil Of Lovage. This European native and rather unremarkable looking herb produces an essential oil that smells really fruity. It can pass its self off as good old-fashioned christmas pudding while filling the air with an aroma that can help to increase blood flow to the kidneys.   A Chrissy pudding and detox all in one? Too good to be true!
Cinnamon. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without cinnamon whether it be in Gingerbread, in your pot-pourri or as a spicy addition to your Christmas roast.  Cinnamon has long been treasured for its potent antioxidant properties and its ability to relieve the inevitable toothache is sure to come in handy when the lollies run out.
Sweet Orange.  The Citrus Sinensis is bound to lift your spirits over the festive season as it is jam packed full of vitamin C goodness. This essential oil may also help you to keep your house clean over the festive period as it is very high in the de-greasing active d-limonine. Home help straight from the tree!
Clove. The rich, spicy aroma of clove has haunted many an English Sunday School in the run up to Christmas (we used to make Orange and Clove pomanders which I just loved!)  Cloves are another useful natural painkiller (to be taken before opening the credit card bill) as well as being a good cure for indigestion.  Cloves do all of this thanks to their high content of Eugenol (which also accounts for its smell) – Eugenol can be toxic in high quantities so go easy!
Chocolate. Oh the blissful aroma of […]

The Love Of Aromatherapy

Here I sit looking out of my office window at what nature provides as my viewing backdrop.  Australian native trees,  valleys full of them.  Here in the Blue Mountains nature brings to us some of the most amazing sites, sounds and smells.  Even though at this time of year (winter) it is really what you can call extremely fresh and invigorating with temperatures dropping by the day it doesn’t stop nature from providing these wonderful things for us. You just have to walk past a native tree and brush your hand along a leaf to smell the oil.  As you continue to walk amongst the native flora you start to see essential oils in their natural form everywhere, and it looks and smells so good!

Whist back in my cosy office with the heater on, I light a candle for my oil burner to fill the air with a beautiful fresh aroma and think about the fact that this aroma once came from the very nature that surrounds us all.  Aromatherapy is everywhere and every day there are more and more books, talks, articles and findings all beaming with new information filling our bookstores, and media outlets, including the very lucrative market Beauty and Spa. New and improved products and treatment ideas are finding their way into our shopping centres as well as day spas & beauty therapy places with aromatherapy becoming a very popular way of helping your skin remain healthy. Aromatherapy even has made its way into the corporate world where its been found to be very useful in boosting office productivity.

Aromatherapy, an ancient art of aroma and therapy was discovered centuries ago when there was a need for healing and keeping the […]

Beauty Poll – Do you use fake tan?

In honour of the news this week that CPL Aroma’s have developed a technology to take the smell out of fake tan we thought we would ask you what your fake bake habits are.   Let us know your thoughts and share with us any of your fake tan share stories in the comments section!