v  For first timers. What do I need to know?

v  What to look for in a therapist?

v  Which types of places are best to visit?

v  Understand the differences in the common styles of massages.

v  Building up a relationship with my massage therapist.

As a Massage Therapist, let me help you with your decision.

Massage is age old art of touch therapy.  Back in the ancient times, massage was more like stroking the body or rubbing ointment on to injured areas and/or creams applied to the skin to nourish the body. This form of massage or human touch was known and was so highly sort after in the high kingdoms  as being essential for all human development. This is slightly different today!  Bring these methods forward thousands of years and you have a very well developed art form of healing through touch and the manipulation of muscles.  Sure ointments, oils and creams are still applied and human touch is still required but the method of delivery has change.

Massage can now be performed with clothes on or off, with or without ointment/oil, lying down or sitting up in a chair.  Also, the variety of massages have changed amazingly over the years and therapists are still developing better ways to help relieve all sorts of ailments or stresses of today – even whilst you read this article. Massage of any form is just one of the great ways to help you with relieving today’s stresses.

The benefits of a massage far outweigh any fears you may have of receiving one.  It’s not just rubbing cream or oil on to a body, it is about human touch and the effects of feeling wonderful from a professional massage.  Whether you have had […]