Be Mindful of What You Measure

I saw this beautiful ribbon the other day and just had to buy it because it reminded me of something:

Tape measures can only help us to understand and communicate one aspect of an object.

We should avoid taking the ‘tape measure’ approach to other areas of our life……

Your self-esteem should not be bound up in your waist or thigh measurements.

Your work should not be thought of as just numbers and figures. You are not a machine.

The value of a life is not related to its length.

We invented the tape measure, the tape measure didn’t invent us. You are not an object.

Let it go and breathe.

Confidence, Love and Acceptance.

Describe Beauty………………………………………………………..

For me, the appreciation, protection, sanctity and celebration of beauty is what life is all about. It is our reason for being, our power source and our prize.  It is not limited to what we see, hear, smell or taste and it is not something that can easily  be realized alone.  Beauty shines brightest when we share, give and spread love to our families, friends, communities, societies, nations and global village.  It respects and values differences in expression and understanding.  It responds positively  and it feels good.

Early last year I started turning some of my more philosophical ideas shared on Realize Beauty into a book.  Now that book is two days away from being a reality and the launch is booked for 21st September in Sydney, Australia.   If you would like to read more about the book, purchase a copy or attend the event I invite you to take a look at the books dedicated blog.

Thank you for your support and I hope that you continue to enjoy reading Realize Beauty as much as I enjoy writing it.

Body Image? It’s in the code

This week the Australian government announced that it was going to back a voluntary ‘body image’ code that aims to encourage and support magazines and fashion retailers to adopt a healthy body image standard. The code is pushing for more diversity in body shape and ethnicity within the beauty industry and hopes to ban the use of dangerously thin models and that is all good. But will it help?

We have all been there, all felt rubbish after seeing impossibly good-looking girls and boys gracing the fashion pages with their legs up to their arm pits, their fab skin and their flat tummies. We have all felt inadequate and we have all agonised over these emotions. However, for most of us the realization that we do not fit the tight requirements of the modelling world is no big surprise, we had an inkling that was the case when our school friends told us that our hair was rubbish.  This shard of thought penetrated deeper when we didn’t get picked as the lead in the school play and the nail went into the coffin when our clothes hit double digits.  Our destiny is not in fashion modelling, we weren’t going to be princesses and live in a castle and we certainly couldn’t fly. 

Fairy stories 0, adulthood 1

But not everyone trod that path.  Many of us carry  emotional baggage that weighs more than those poor old models, models that are now ‘out of fashion’ and I am not sure that our load will lighten any with this news.

You see the problem with body image is that it is a projection of ones sense of self. If you feel vulnerable, fake, old, fat, skinny, tall, small, round, flat or just plain a […]