This week I relocated my office to the beautiful Byron Bay to see some of my local customers and get back to basics in terms of ingredient sourcing.  While there I was blown away by the abundance, quality and variety of natural produce in and around the Byron area and that got me thinking of a brand idea…..

The idea of a 100 mile cafe has become a cornerstone of the slow food initiative and has gained in popularity due to our innate desire for a connection or relationship with the world.  Many people love the freedom and real-ness of the self-sufficient lifestyle but have not the time, the consistent drive nor the space to put that into action and in those cases community sufficiency is a great next-best-thing and I see no reason for that beginning and ending with what goes into the body!

‘Slow Cosmetics’ as an idea has interested me for many years and was something that I toyed around with while facilitating the Natural Personal Care workshop for the Watershed (now the green living centre) in Newtown.   However,  as a chemist I saw (and still ‘see’) the idea from a slightly different perspective to the average tree hugging hippy (which I am happy to admit that I am when I free my hands of my spatula).  My retirement dream is to re-locate to a semi-rural property where I can grow  my own chemicals (no, not THAT kind of crop.  I am a law-abiding citizen) based either on macadamia nuts, olives, jojoba or some other suitable feed-stock dependent on what the land offers us.  You see in my chemically-inspired world I would take you, the public into my magical chemistry laboratory and […]