hooping for beginners

Have you ever thought of hooping as a way of getting back in touch with the fun side of life? The chances are that you were around 10 when you last had a good hoopla and have long since given up on ever getting that thing to roll baby.  Whatever your past experience I urge you to get on your best hooping gear and come along to the launch of the Hoopempires “Hooping for Beginners” DVD. The event will be held On Saturday November 14th from 6-11 pm @ St Petersburg Warehouse Space, 11-21 May Street, St Peters, Sydney, NSW and is open to everyone!

With all of the talk here in Australia about body image, Hooping is a great option for those looking to escape the rat race and find peace within their own bodies. Bunny who stars in the DVD and is a key part in the Hoopstars says that hooping releases our inner child while providing a great workout. It can also help with relieving stress and is a great basis upon which to meditate.

At Realize Beauty we think that hooping is a great way to maintain a healthy body image while having heaps of fun.  Come and join us at the party!