Warning – this post has two functions:

A) to give a shout out to all of those people struggling to get their formulations to work (me included, I am a shocker at serum)


B) a thinly veiled attempt to promote our Chemist on Call virtual help desk facility.  I hope you don’t mind, I do think it is quite neat though and am investing my own money (and my children’s pocket-money) in learning more and more so that we can be even better at it. Thank you xxx

Let’s not beat around the bush here guys and girls we all make mistakes and when it comes to stuffing up cosmetic formulations I think I can safely say that I’ve been there, done that and bought the t-shirt more than once.  Don’t get me wrong,  I am a big believer in getting your hands dirty and have the kind of brain that works better when I can see, feel or smell something real rather than something theoretical –  I don’t find it easy to make sense of instructions unless I act them out. Oh and I love to fiddle with new ingredients, ideas and stuff. But (and it is a big but) there comes a time when you just don’t have that sort of time any more and when that time comes you just need results.

Chemist on Call is something that my business – Realize Beauty has been doing for the last four and a half years now. We support product manufacturers, marketers, beauty editors, brand owners and hobby/ enthusiasts through the maze that is the cosmetics industry.   This is a big call and of course it would be foolish of us to think that we have all of the answers, indeed thinking that would make us very rubbish indeed as the chances that we’ve come across your exact set of circumstances before are very slim actually…… So, if we don’t have all of the answers what use are we?  Well, unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it life is less about answers and more about questions which I kind of like.

We have lots of experience in asking the right questions to the right people (we have a lovely network of boffins who just love thinking about stuff) and can usually pinpoint the questions that you need answers to very quickly.   Does that sound silly?  Don’t customers bring the questions with them?  Surprisingly no.  Most people come with what I call a nested problem that has one obvious call-to-action trigger, usually involving the loss of money, time or both they call and say that their batch of cleanser has just fallen apart for example.  Now this simple problem could have one of a number of solutions, our job is to find the one that fits this situation and manufacturing environment best. We have lots of experience of asking the right questions and doing the right experiments to find out exactly what happened so that when you fix it it stays fixed.

We help people who have read about a wonderful new ingredient integrate it into their brand, help people put together efficient base formulations so that they don’t have to spend hours working on a part of the formulation that should just function – the emulsification system, blend of surfactants, thickening etc and we also help people work out what to measure in their product efficacy trials.

But most importantly the Chemist On Call facility was set up to be there and offer support to all of you who are out there learning as you go and putting everything you’ve got into your creations.  Sometimes all you need is an opportunity to sit down and talk through your formulating problems with someone who knows what it’s like to walk in those small business owners shoes and who can offer a few tips, tricks and shortcuts to help you on your road to success.

Enjoy playing!

PS: Our ‘virtual’ chemist on call facility is available to formulators anywhere in the world but for practical reasons we can only support manufacturing clients in and around the Sydney area (Australia) unless you wish to fly us out – we do however have contacts in the UK and USA who may be able to help cover anything in those areas that we can’t.