As I bound towards another birthday I feel both elated (I am not as wrinkly, unfit and tired and grumpy as I thought I would be) and annoyed at the state of my looks. You see my eye sight isn’t what it used to be, a good thing as like my grandma, I too will be able to kid myself into believing that my hair is still blonde, my complexion still bright and my teeth all white and shiny all to me having accidentally stepping on my misplaced glasses – dementia may also be on the cards.  That failing eyesight is giving me issues, you see I, like many Ladies of my vintage and beginning to sprout little hairs on my chin and its really starting to freak me out! I feel like shreeking  “I am a Lady” ala  Emily from Little Britain….

Anyway, I guess that I shouldn’t be too disheartened, I mean I am fair haired and have therefore managed up until now to get away without any facial hair dramas – something my darker haired girlfriends haven’t all had the luxury of. And I guess there are many ways in which we can remedy the situation should we so wish.  I pluck out my random face squatters with my light up tweezers (eye sight issues!) – this is a great way to quickly deal with one or two hairs as its cheap and pretty pain  free if you do it quickly!  It is also safe as long as your hygine is good and you target the hair effectively – constant digging around with the tweezers will lead to infection and scaring.  You should also take time to sterilize your tweezers by running them under some boiling water between each use and don’t share!

If you would like more in depth information about hair removal I suggest reading the excellent advice offered on the Skin Therapy web site which is written by Dermatologists for Dermatologists. As  you will find, the odd hair here may be due to the natural hormonal changes induced by ageing or could be genetically pre-determined. For those of you who are findinig that facial hair is becoming more than just an inconvenience please visit your doctor or dermatologist as female facial hair growth can be an early sign of some more serious conditions.