Hello I’m Amanda, the manager of Realize Beauty which is a community (both online and off) for people like you. People who want to know what is in their cosmetics and personal care products. People who celebrate beauty and who wish to inspire others. People who want to learn more.

Let me take a moment to explain more about the Realize Beauty idea. If you like it you can sign up to become a club member by following this link :  Let me join Realize Beauty.  You have to be over 18 to join but other than that, everyone is welcome.

Realize Beauty – Innovate, Radiate and Inspire.

Realize Beauty takes the Cosmetic Consumer into a brand new era. An era defined by a desire to be in control,  to define beauty in its own way and to make informed purchasing choices.

Realize Beauty
will  Innovate and Inspire you to radiate confidence and vitality. We believe that beauty comes from inner strength and confidence. We believe that knowledge is power. We believe that you deserve to be in control of your own beauty destiny. We get behind the scenes of this fast paced industry, bringing you the inside view on what’s hot and what is just hype by talking to the people that make the products.  You get to test products BEFORE they launch, you help to make great products better!

Realize Beauty’s Mission

Innovate: As a member of our beauty panel your feedback and comments will go straight to the product manufacturers and distributors. You become the innovator, you help to create the products that you deserve.

Inspire: Our interactive lecture and workshop series are aimed to put you in the driving seat. You will learn how to make your own products, get industry tricks and tips, brainstorm your formulation problems and find out what’s new. Realize Beauty will keep your finger on the pulse.

Radiate: Realize Beauty firmly believes in nurturing and celebrating the beauty that is in all of us.  Our lectures, forum’s, workshops and newsletters build upon this theme, encouraging members to let their beauty shine through.

Your Beauty Club Membership Benefits

Free Samples.
This entitles you to receive samples of products before they launch, give product manufacturers your feedback, get concession rates on our series of beauty lectures and workshops and receive our  bi-monthly newsletter.

Priority Booking for Lectures & Workshops
Will be listed on this blog or alternatively, go to our facebook page. Come and get involved, make your own products to take home. Enjoy and evening with one of our guest Cosmetic Chemists as they discuss the issues close to your heart. Be part of the beauty revolution.

Formulation Tips and News. Your e-newsletter will feature a round up of the news behind the brands, tips on how to try out your own products and product features.

If you like the idea please join and remember to tell a friend!