Mr.Essentials. A new anti-ageing skin care range that is just for the boys. 

Men no longer wash their hair with soap, have a quick wash in the kitchen sink or spray themselves liberally with Old Spice in lieu of a shower.  Real men want what us girls have enjoyed for years.  Smooth and healthy looking skin and hair,  only they DON”T want it in pink. 

So just how are they going to get it? Roll out the Mr. 

This is one Australian range that looks set to take mens grooming to the next level due to its light weight and sweet-smelling formulations and gym cred packaging. 

Men’s skin differs to women’s in as much as it is thicker, tends to be more oily and is (most often) hairier.  “Mr” has tackled these needs by producing moisturisers and shaving gels that glide on so lightly as to be almost invisible while leaving a fresh and Australian inspired fragrance lingering behind.  The shaving cream is especially great being non-foaming and gently cleansing. It is rich in cushiony film formers and moisturisers that enable the razor to just slide across the skin. 

Following on from the shave cream  we love the skin cooling and redness reducing properties of the  after shave splash.  Allantoin and natural extracts help to calm and sooth just-shaved skin while the witch-hazel and birch extract base gives the product some anti-bacterial properties while imparting a cooling feeling. 

You may have been thinking that it’s about time the boys got their own range? Well now they have and they can wear it with Aussie pride! 

See more on their website by clicking through here. 

Skincare that puts back what life takes out