This week’s beauty spot from ninemsn looks at a scientific wonder treatment for frizzy hair. This ‘new’ polymer based on the molecule fluorine helps to keep moisture from the hair shaft thus reducing the likelihood of humidity induced bad-hair days.  On top of that this molecule can also actually speed up the hair drying process due to its excellent water repellant properties. So what is it?

Well, it’s kind of sort of like the same stuff they put on non-stick pans. Yes, it’s hair teflon!

Teflon and other fluronated polymers are loved for their:

  • Chemical resistance and un-reactivity.
  • Long term weathering – these last a long time.
  • non stick – not sure how this will relate to hair but I guess the tresses will be silky.
  • non flammability – great to know that our hair won’t be burning up the dance floor.
  • low friction – another slick and shine thing.

Tripping the Frizz Fantastic

Now while all of this sounds amazing it is worth noting that fluronated polymers are not the environments best friend. These things are often indefinitely persistent in the environment and can, in some cases form toxic bi-products that have been linked to all sorts of long-term health problems.  While I am sure that this ingredient is safe when used as directed on an individuals hair, the long-term implications of this ingredient should it get out into the environment in large quantities is less than pretty. So what should we do?

Well, it’s very likely that this ingredient does work well as the chemistry and the claims stack up. It is also a ground-breaking and innovative newish (around since 2006 but used more since 2008) with a whole heap of hairdressing benefits making it perfect for  outdoor photo shoot  work.  Finally it has been passed as safe to use by the cosmetic council which makes us feel all warm and fuzzy.  So, in the short-term this product is amazing but in the long-term the veneer looks like it could wear off quite quickly once the environmental effects start to kick in.

This is one high fashion chemical that works but could do with a green make-over to help it pass muster. Let’s hope we get a green version soonish and in the meantime what’s up with fuzzy hair anyway?