The Realize Beauty team have never been fans of the way companies band about their ‘free-from’ label claims. This is because:

  • We think that what is in a product is more important than what is not.
  • The word “nasty” or “toxic” are often used in association with the “free-from” statement in order to shock and worry you. 
  • Much of the science used to decide to ‘leave out’ many of these chemicals is patchy at best.
  • This claim has been unregulated in the past leaving it open to interpretation.

Don’t get us wrong here, we are all for YOU, the public receiving more information about your cosmetic recipes and we love it when cosmetic companies are able to give YOU cleaner, greener and less-irritating products. What we don’t like is scare-tactic marketing and the spreading of inaccurate and worrying science.  That is why we welcome the moves that France are now taking.

The recommendations have been put forward by the ARPP (Autorite de Regulation Professionelle de la Publicite) who regulate the countries advertising and cover the use of the terms “Organic”, “Free-From” and “Natural”.

More information on this story can be read here.