chemistry-headerTechnical Directorship

Some 80% of all cosmetic product launches fail and we don’t want your to be one of them. Behind those harsh statistics sits a reality that is much more complex and involved than many brand owners give credit to. While our job isn’t to make it all seem scary and unfathomable it is important that our clients understand the detail that makes for a successful brand and that all starts with choosing and investing in the right chemistry.

Our Technical Directorship program allows us to work closely with brand owners during the R&D process, offering guidance, structure, advice and practical solutions that save money, time and disappointment in the long run.

Formulations from concept to manufacturing procedures and scale-up samples.

Just as many singers don’t write each and every song they sing, cosmetic brands don’t create each and every formula they sell.  Realize Beauty has been creating formulations for brands across Australasia since 2008 and now has an impressive list of regular clients to work with.  While we do work with start-ups the costs of owning your own formula can be quite prohibitive and as such we offer alternative approaches to support those on a smaller budget.  We formulate to organic and natural standards, sunscreens ranging from SPF 15 (secondary sunscreens) to SPF 40,  baby products, hair care, colour cosmetics and cosmaceuticals to name but a few.  We work on a client-by-client basis and create products to suit a clients particular brief as explained in our video.  We also create products for the HI&I market including low-foam washing products for recirculating systems,  disinfectants, hard surface cleaners and other household products.