In order to bring you, our Realize Beauty readers the most well rounded and inspiring health and wellness information we have teamed up with some talented and highly motivated industry professionals. One such person is our image consultant, Cosimina who is always on hand to help with your style, colour and image questions. You only get one chance to make a first impression and this is it, enjoy!


RB: Have you always had an eye for beauty?

Cosimina: Yes I would say I have always had an eye for detail, good design and colour. Over time I have been able to adapt these qualities to different careers successfully, graphics, interior design and image consulting.

My theory is nothing is ugly. It is what you do with it that makes it beautiful and stylish.

RB: How did you become an image consultant?

Cosimina: I studied mathematics and computing at UTS. While at the same time attending art school creating life drawing in charcoal and pencil. After university I worked in the newspaper industry, which allowed me to develop the more detailed eye to good design and colour.

Living and working in Singapore gave me the opportunity to extend study in design, colour and lines, in particular in interior design and graphics. During my eight year stay in Asia I worked as a graphic designer, interior designer and in the fashion industry.

Returning back to Australia with a husband, two children and a forty-foot container of furniture I new I wanted to do something I loved and enjoyed.

I have studied with some of Australia’s leading Image Consultants and am now using this knowledge and experience to undertake Image Consulting for personal and corporate clients. I hold training courses in interview techniques – where else is your image more important than when participating in a job interview? In conjunction with this my background in print and graphics allows her to work with small to medium organizations who are trying to develop a corporate image.

RB: What is the most satisfying thing that you do in your work?

Cosimina: The most rewarding thing about the work I do is seeing a positive change not only in the way people look but their attitude and confidence.

Receiving emails like this

“Just reporting back on how my new life is going. Everybody loves my new look! Friends can’t believe it is me- one who is a bit vague at the best of times said to another mutual friend ‘who were you talking to?’ and wouldn’t believe it was me. I love the red skirt with the shoes on it and am having a lot of fun mixing and matching.

So it is great fun and I feel so positive and different as a person. In fact before I was starting to notice that I was a bit invisible in groups but I am not now.

Thank you so very much for helping me to transform myself.



RB: What are your top tips to looking great?

Cosimina: My top tips for looking good are:

  1. Colour: Most people’s first reaction is to colour. So if you are wearing colours that suit your skin tone, eye colour and hair colour then style is one step closer.
  2. Get a great haircut. You would be surprised how many woman & men have had the same hairstyle for 5, 10, 15 years.  Looking groomed also means looking up to date  modern – get a great modern hairstyle.
  3. Keep it simple. Don’t overdo the look. Wearing too much jewelry real or costume will make you look over the top.

RB: What is your top tip for looking groomed?

Cosimina: My top tip to looking groomed would be – “You can not afford to let yourself go – no matter what age”. Looking groomed is about looking healthy, young and stylish without looking ridiculous.

RB: What would you say defines your approach to image consulting?

Cosimina: As an image consultant my job is to teach you how to develop your image. I am there to show you how to dress, gain confidence and know how to shop for your personality and body shape.

RB: How often should we overhaul our image?

Cosimina: You should overhaul you image when:

  1. After you have had a major change to your lifestyle and body shape, such as:
    1. Having a child,
    2. Losing excessive weight,
    3. Getting back into the workforce after being “at home with the kids” for many years,
    4. When you are feeling stagnate with the way you look. Often this will lead to feeling less confident.
  2. If you have had the same look for more than 4 or 5 years. This is when you start getting lazy with your look.

RB: How do you balance family and work?

Cosimina: I am still trying to balance my family life with work. I am fortunate that my studio & office is at home so most of my work is conducted from home. Having my own business allows me to block out days when I can’t work due to family commitments and work during other days. I must say, as my children get older it is becoming easier. I think the key to a balanced lifestyle is feeling happy with both parts work and home life. Once you recognise one is excessive change it immediately – it’s not worth the hassle.

I must say it is easier to balance work and family when you really don’t consider “work” as a “job” but something you love doing.

RB: Who or what is your inspiration?

Cosimina: My clients are my inspiration. Often when it all gets to difficult I think about slowing down and then I receive a great email from a clients and think, “Now this is why I am an image consultant”.

Comments like this inspire me:

“I will be in touch. The biggest change on the ‘inside’ is now feeling good about myself. It is an amazing feeling- I certainly feel bright and confident. I love selecting my clothes for the next day.

Thank you again!



Cosimina will be playing an active part in our Realize Beauty workshop series coming up in 2010. In the meantime she can be contacted via her website:

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